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Steps To Apply Long Lasting Makeup

Follow our top tips to stay fresh-faced throughout the day.

Retouching your makeup will not be required, if you follow these few simple steps that will ensure you get long, all day lasting makeup.

Step 1 - Primer 

A good primer is a must for creating a flawless canvas upon which to apply make-up. It also helps to adhere the make-up to your skin and prevent it from slipping.

long-lasting-makeup-1          long-lasting-makeup-2
Step 1                                                          Step 2

Step  2 - Conceal

Choose a foundation that’s lightweight but
 buildable. Look for formulas with oil-control or a mattyifing effect, and always with an SPF to provide additional protection. To cover dark shadows, gently press concealer with your fingertips underneath the eyes; the warmth of your skin will help with blending.

Step 3 - Eyes

Invest in a long-wearing cream shadow or
 gel eyeliner to prevent creasing, and apply on eyelid area only. Start at the lash bed and blend upwards. Shades of turquoise, purple and gold work well on all skin tones. Apply waterproof mascara to top lashes only to prevent racoon-eyes developing during the day.


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Step 3                                                             Step 4

Step 4 - Cheeks & lips

Using your fingers, apply a cream blusher 
to the apples of the cheeks in patted circular motions to give a dewy finish. Press the remaining product on your finger gently into your lips to create a soft stain.

Step 5 - Set

Use a large, soft brush and dust translucent
 powder over the entire face to mattify and set your make-up, not forgetting the ears. Trans
lucent powder can be used on all skin tones.

Step 5 


Keep your concealer handy throughout the day to touch up any areas that need a little extra love. 

Following these tips would help you retain your look on your important day. Also, check out complete bridal beauty plan for gorgeous skin and hair that you should follow one month before your wedding here. 

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