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Day To Night Makeup Transformation!

Transform your look from subtle to smoking in a few simple steps by adding to your existing day make-up.

Transforming your day makeup into a stunning evening look is very easy with this step by step makeup tutorial

Tip: When playing up the eyes with darker shadows, keep brows gentle and undefined to avoid looking too top-heavy.

How to Turn Your Subtle Day Makeup into A Stunning Evening Look:

Step 1 - Smokey eyes. Use a soft kohl liner along the lash line and smudge the colour upwards with your fingertips. To create that sought-after smoky-eye in a flash, just press against the eyelid for 4 seconds, wipe gently across and there you go! Instant shadow perfection.

Step 2 - Lovely lashes. Forget mascara, adding more coats onto dried mascara will only cause it to clump and crumble. Instead, invest in a pair of false lashes that you can whip on and off in a flash. Apply using a pair of tweezers for precision, and remember – practice makes perfect – so don’t give up on the first try.


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night make-up night make-up
Step 1 Step 2

Step 3 - Clever contouring. Use concealer under the eye and to cover blemishes. Sweep bronzer up along cheekbones towards temples, across the forehead and lightly onto the chin. You can also use a lighter shade to highlight the top of cheekbones and the bridge of nose, or on the inside corners of the eye for a dewy look.

Step 4 - Luscious lips. If you’re drawing attention to the eyes, play down the lips with a natural or pinkish coloured gloss. You could also use a pretty lip stain for a lasting effect, or a longwearing lip colour in a nude or buff.

night make-up night make-up
Step 3 Step 4

Step 5 - Ready to go. Pin hair up into a low bun or twist it round, pinning as you go to create a messier look with delicate wisps. Glam it up with a bejewelled or sparkling hair accessory, then finish with a spritz of your favourite evening fragrance and get ready for a night to remember…

night make-up
Step 5

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Transform your look from subtle to smoking in a few simple steps by adding to your existing day make-up.

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