How to achieve a "No-makeup" look

How To Achieve A "No-Makeup" Look

Makeup trends are always changing, but one look that never goes out of style is the “natural” look. There is a danger though. The real “Natural Look” is makeup that is applied skillfully so that it only appears you are not wearing makeup. Here are the keys to achieving the proper “No-Makeup” look.

  1. The base is the most important key: Make up that appears light and natural is best. However, dark spots and dark circles need to be carefully covered using concealer. Apply foundation lightly to larger areas so that your pores cannot be seen. The texture should be glossy and not matte.
  2. Do not use too much color around your eyes: When selecting eyeshadow, choose a color that is easy to blend in with your skin such as beige or light orange. Apply just enough to make your eyehole appear glossy. Some people with puffy eyelids may want to use some gradation around their eyes, but this should be done so that it is not overly obvious.
  3. The eyeline is important to make your eyes look bigger: To achieve a natural look, be sure not to make any sharp lines. Simply fill in the gaps between the eyelashes. If you feel that you need to make a line, be sure that the line is thin.
  4. A rosy cheek is the final key: The color itself is important. In order to make it look natural, a color that is close to your natural skin color is best. Choose a color that is similar to your natural lip color. Apply the brush over a wider area and fade it out completely so there is no obvious line. As for lipstick, choose a glossy type and not a dark color. This will give your makeup a beautiful and natural finish.

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