Get Fuller, Thicker Eyebrows

7 Home Remedies To Boost Your Eyebrow Growth Naturally

Unless you’re planning on playing Vampira or some other evil woman from a television show, we think it’s time you put an end to those pencil-thin eyebrows. Nobody’s doing them anymore. If you want to grow thicker eyebrows, faster, just follow these home remedies.

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What’s the first thing you need to do to get thicker, fuller eyebrows? Let them grow ladies, let them grow. This means no threading, no waxing and no, no secretive tweezing in the bathroom either.

If you’re looking to grow eyebrows, you need patience, oodles of it. That’s all there is to eyebrow regrowth. That, and of course a few other things you need to stock up on, which is why you’re reading this article in the first place, right?

The best part of growing hair is that it mostly grows on its own; you just have to pamper it and coax it, and feed it all the right things. If you’ve ever tried nourishing your tresses, you know you can use hair packs and head massages. But eyebrow hair? That’s a bit of a small area to play in, right? But play we will.


#1 Grow your Eyebrows With an Oil Massage

  • Coconut, castor, olive or almond – take your pick. There’s definitely got to be one of these at home.
  • Massage a little of the preferred oil into your eyebrows just before you go to bed.
  • The oil will nourish and repair your skin, stimulate hair growth and pretty much do all the job for you.
  • Do this every night and very soon you will notice thicker, denser and darker eyebrows.

#2 Fenugreek Seeds Paste

  • To make your coconut oil potion more powerful, add some fenugreek seeds to it.
  • Soak a few seeds overnight, grind them into a paste and mix it with coconut oil.
  • The next steps are the same: apply the paste to your eyebrows and let it work its magic while you sleep.
  • Do this a few times a week and see the difference in your brows within a month or so.

#3 Milk Conditioning

  • Some people like milk, some don’t. But that’s not important, because whatever your preferences, your eyebrows will love it.
  • Take a little milk in a bowl and using a cotton ball, dab some on your eyebrows.
  • Milk is a natural conditioner and works wonders for eyebrow hair growth.
  • There’s no limit to how often you should do this; the more often, the better.
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#4 Aloe Vera Gel

  • Do you have an aloe plant at home? No? Then first go and get one. The gel of the plant will nourish the skin around your eyes and also make eyebrow hair grow faster.
  • This natural remedy to regrow eyebrows is an all-rounder and a must-have in your beauty team.
  • You don’t even have to wash off the gel if you don’t want to.

Also, check out the skin care benefits of aloe vera here at Reward Me.

#5 Eyebrow Regrowth With Fresh Lemon Juice

  • When life gives you lemons, you give yourself thicker eyebrows. Jokes apart, it really works.
  • Rub a freshly-cut lemon slice or just massage in some lemon juice to regrow eyebrow hair.
  • That little tangy fruit is zesty in more ways than one, eh?

#6 Onion juice

  • This easy tip brought tears to our eyes, literally, but it’s worth the effort. No pain, no gain, right?
  • Apply the juice of an onion to your eyebrows and massage it for 5 minutes.
  • Wash it off after it dries completely.
  • If the smell bothers you, use an Olay Gentle Foaming Face Wash with Aloe cleanser. Do this every day for a month and say hello to thicker, fuller eyebrows.

#7 What else? Umm, Eat Healthy.

  • Vitamins A, E and C are your best friends, along with proteins and omega-3 acids.
  • This means you need to munch on pretty much everything from carrots, sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables like spinach, methi and basil, red and yellow peppers and nuts, to papayas, oranges, lemons and broccoli too.

Simple solutions to growing out your eyebrows. Just remember, thick is in, not bushy. So once it’s grown, keep eyebrow hair in place with regular grooming.

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