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All You Need To Know About Mascara

Vibrating wands, growth enhancers, extreme lengtheners and thickeners? The newest eyelash formulas, which will certainly open your eyes…

Mascara is a billion dollar industry and it’s no wonder women are obsessed with anything that claims to make our lashes thicker, longer and darker. Big, beautiful eyes are, after all, a sign of
 youth and beauty. Now, nearly a hundred years after mascara was invented, there are a number of formulas available 
to help you get the lashes you’ve always desired.

Flashy lashes

Q Why do I need to replace my mascara every three months?
A We all have millions of microscopic mites living on our lashes. These get transferred into the mascara tube when you apply your product, which is why keeping your product for too long could result in an eye infection. Also, the formula breaks down and dries out after about three months.

Q Can those of us with very sensitive eyes use mascara?
A Yes, but avoid formulations with fibres that bulk lashes. Creamy or gel formulations are a better option, as is applying just one coat to reduce build-up.

Q How do I remove mascara effectively?
A Cut a round cotton pad in half. Saturate it with eye make-up remover. Place one half moon pad underneath the bottom lashes. Close the eye and,using the other half of the pad, gently rub from the top of your lash bed downwards until the mascara has been removed.

Q How do I prevent mascara from smudging?
A Smudging occurs due to the skin’s natural oils. One way to prevent this is to dab a little translucent powder underneath the lower lashes. The other option would be to use waterproof mascara.

Q Who should use brown mascara?
A Very fair or red headed women can opt for brown mascara if black is too great a contrast.

Q How do I wear coloured mascara without it looking garish?
A One key to wearing a coloured mascara is to keep it subtle by using a similar tone 
to your eye shadow.

Flashy lashes

Mascara myths

Myth: You should never wear mascara on the bottom lashes.
Actually, coating the bottom lashes gives the eyes a more finished look, especially for someone who dislikes wearing liner on the lower lids.

Myth: You should pump the mascara wand in the tube to get the correct amount of product.
Never do this. The pumping action forces air into the product, causing it to dry out quicker. Simply twist and pull.

Myth: Waterproof mascara makes lashes dry and brittle.
Most waterproof formulas have ingredients that condition lashes. Always use an oil-based eye makeup remover to ensure your lashes are gently yet effectively cleansed.


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Myth: Eyelash curlers cause the lashes to break and fall out.
Ensure that your curler has a rubber barrier to prevent lashes from breaking.

History of Mascara

3400-30BC Egyptians, both men and women, use bone and ivory as mascara applicators, and blend kohl with crocodile dung, water and honey to coat their lashes. They believe this ritual will ward off evil spirits.

1830’s Victorian women mix ashes and elderberry to create mascara type formulas to deepen the colour and richness of the lashes. (These products were never marketed or sold as they were created in the comfort of their own dressing rooms.)

1872 Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is patented and the most prominent ingredient in mascara is born.

1913 TL Williams, a chemist, creates the first modern mascara for his sister Maybel, using coal dust mixed with petroleum jelly. The success of this product results in him creating Maybelline (the name is a combination of his sister’s name and Vaseline).

1914 Make-up artist Max Factor invents a wax crayon that is heated and dipped on the lashes.

1957 Mascara is sold in cake form (wax mixed with mascara pigments). Women had to wet a brush, sweep it over the cake, and then apply it to their lashes.

1957 The first mascara in a modern tube with a wand applicator is born.

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