Find Your Perfect Shade of Nude Lipstick.

Guide To Nude Lipstick Shades for Indian Skin Tones

Nude is not a single colour or shade; nude depends on factors like your lip and skin colour; getting it right requires know-how and finesse.

There is nothing more fetching and fuss-free than nude lipstick. However, getting the perfect shade of nude lipstick natural shade is a process. 


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Top 7 Tips To Get Your Perfect Shade of Nude Lipstick for Indian Skin Tones:

  • Tip 1: First up, to get the right shade of nude lipstick, you have to try and match your lip colour. If you thought it’s all about matching your skin colour, think again. Here’s how you find out your lip colour; keep your lips pressed together and soon the blood will flow into them. This is your natural lip colour; take a picture for your reference. Now try a berry or blush shade; this will match your lip colour.
  • Tip 2: Now, you have to figure out the colour of your undertone. How do you do that? Simple, just have a look at the veins on the inners side of your wrist. If they are bluish it means your undertones are blue; if they are greenish it means your undertones are yellow. If it’s hard to pinpoint the colour it means your undertones are neutral; you have the freedom to choose a nude lipstick that’s on the bluish side or on the yellowish side.
  • Tip 3: If you have light skin with blue undertones, the easiest way to pick a nude lipstick is to apply a bit of it on the inner side of your wrist; if it is blue-based then the shade of lipstick will appear to be more blue on the edges. Nude pink lipstick and berry are both good options.
  • Tip 4: If you have a medium skin shade with yellow undertones then you must avoid muddy brown tones like the plague. Opt for caramels, corals and warm beiges, basically choose creamy nude lipstick shades.
  • Tip 5: If you have a medium skin shade with undertones that are olive, you’re lucky. You can wear anything from peach to soft beige to a light creamy pink to corals.
  • Tip 6: If you have a darker skin shade with blue undertones plums, reds and deep burgundies are perfect shade of nude lipstick for you. Remember to line your lips with a colour that is a tad darker and then blend it into your lip colour. Make sure to leave the central portion of both your lips bare.
  • Tip 7: And finally, if your skin is a darker shade with yellow undertones then coffee colours or any shade, for that matter, with golden undertones will really your perfect shade of nude lipstick. Matte colours will work too.

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