Don’t Sweat Over Makeup This SummerWith These 10 Tips

Don’t Sweat Over Makeup This Summer With These 10 Tips

Summer is a wonderful month. You can get your airy dresses and light tops out. But what about makeup? How do you make sure sweat doesn’t smudge it?

Airy dresses, cottons and chiffons, hats and sunglasses. Summer would be perfect if only it didn’t make you sweat so much. Damp faces and running drops on the face can ruin your summer makeup and hair, and leave your body feeling not so fresh. If you’re looking for summer makeup tips, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to know. 

No matter how hot it gets, how uncooperative the sun gets, you will continue to dazzle.

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10 Essential Summer Makeup Tips: 

  1. Go light - Put the thick foundations away and stick to lighter textures for your base coat. Use a light primer to keep the main makeup in place.
  2. Apply concealer sparingly - Use a light, water-based concealer for the trouble spots. Blend it in with a brush. Use as sparingly as required.
  3. Water-proof makeup - Don’t let you eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara run with your sweat. Sweat proof makeup by going waterproof. Even better, only apply colour on the upper eyelids and lightly dust a translucent powder along the lower lash line.
  4. Manage shine - Keep the sweat shine at bay with a light foaming gel and a water-based lotion. Keep a small compact handy to dab on the shiny spots.
  5. Shield your skin - Use a light, tinted moisturiser, of at least 15 SPF. This will keep your face hydrated without becoming uncomfortable.Olay Total Effects 7 in One Day Cream with SPF 15 is just perfect for these days! Your skin also needs proper care during summer season. Check out these 4 cooling face mask recipes that will help your skin breathe and stay healthy!
  6. Ready your pout for summer - Don’t forget to protect your lips too from the harsh sun. Get a chapstick or lip balm that offers protection against UVA/ UVB rays and also contains Vitamin E. Swap the heavy lipstick for lighter lip gloss in a bright shade.
  7. Add your own glow - Add a shimmer to your skin with a light bronzer. Use it on your face, neck, shoulders and even legs to give a healthy sheen.
  8. Take care of your tresses - Makeup for summer days also includes hair care.  If you have straight hair, wash with a clarifying shampoo once a week and use the conditioner only on the tips. Let your hair air-dry. Thick curls tend to go berserk in summer. Keep them well-hydrated with a shampoo just once a week. Use frizz-controlling serums on wet hair.
  9. Scents of summer - Put away the heady perfumes and swap them for light body splashes and fragranced waters. Look for a longer-working and harder-working deodorant as well. 
  10. Prepare for sweat - It might not be possible to wash and freshen yourself at every given opportunity. To stay fresh all day long, dust loose fragranced powder on the chest and back, areas that tend to perspire.

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