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Correct Way To Do Bold Makeup!

After tweaking the colour and texture, finish with an exuberant red to get the perfect bold look.

Step by Step Bold Makeup Tutorial

Step 1- Prepare: 

There’s a simplicity to this make-up, which not only makes it striking but also so easy to do. Start with foundation. For a modern look, don’t mattify your foundation with too much powder; use a puff to press loose powder only along your T-panel and over concealer.

Step 2 - Shape:

 Using eye-shadow brushes for a seamless finish, brush a neutral bone-coloured eye shadow over the entire lid and follow with a slightly darker shade to define the crease.

Preparing the face and shaping the eyebrows @ Reward Me Preparing the face and shaping the eyebrows @ Reward Me
1 - Prepare                                                                                           2 - Shape

Step 3 - Curl:

 Curl your lashes and then apply liquid liner along the lash line. Look down into a mirror when you apply liquid liner and rest the brush on the lashes so that you draw a straight line. Follow with mascara.

Step 4 - Lengthen:

 Tidy your brows. Brush them into line and then define them with similar colour eye shadow. Lengthen with an eyebrow pencil to create a sleek elongated brow line.

Curl the eye lashes and lengthen them @ Reward Me Curl the eye lashes and lengthen them @ Reward Me
3 - Curl                                                                                           4 - Lengthen

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Step 5 - Brighten:

 Apply lipstick before blusher. This season’s red has an orange undertone and a matte to satin finish.

Step 6 - Blush:

 The intensity of your lips now defines the intensity of your blusher. Swirl a rosy pink blusher onto the apples of your cheeks until the look is fresh, bright and pretty.

Brighten the lips and apply blush @ Reward Me Brighten the lips and apply blush @ Reward Me
5 - Brighten                                                                                              6 - Blush

Long-lasting lipsticks are not what they used to be. The formulations are less drying but they last even longer than before – great news for your budget!

Apply a cream to powder foundation with a latex oval if you’re in a hurry. These foundations are easy to use but don’t look heavy and powdery on the skin.

Handy Makeup Tips

  • Apply lip liner to a dry lip surface so that it stays put. Follow with a long-lasting lipstick to make it last longer.
  • If your lashes are sparse, or if you want dramatic-looking eyes, wear fine false lashes.
  • Matching lips and fingernails is such a classic beauty statement and, with the return to glamour, it’s a must.
  • Keep this look fresh by matting with blotting papers, rather than powder, during the course of the day. Too much powder will make your skin look tired and dull.

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