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Top 3 Tips to Get Luscious Lips

This might come as a surprise, but it is perfectly possible to have beautiful, full, well-defined lips without undergoing surgery. The following tips are worthy of more than just lip service...

A little exercise.

Simple and effective. Smooth and replump the lip area, which tends to thin and wither more quickly, by using the tips of your index finger and thumb to lightly pinch right along the edge of the upper lip. Keep doing this until the skin starts to redden. Repeat the process on the lower lip.

What about plumping products?

These balms, which are essentially based on pepper, chilli or pro-menthol extracts, have toning and invigorating properties, meaning that they help plump up the lips and intensify their colour whilst also boosting micro-circulation. Apply a little before you go out for immediate results. The only downside is that their boosting effect isn't very long-lasting.


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Make-up, or the art of illusion.

Your tools: a skin coloured pencil, a little foundation and a clear gloss.

  • Use the pencil to redefine the contour of your mouth, going slightly outside the natural boundaries to increase the illusion of size.

  • Pay particular attention to the Cupid's bow (the little arch in the middle of the upper lip), since just emphasizing this will immediately give your smile a boost.

  • Using a brush, dab a small blob of gloss onto the middle of your lower lip and gently tease it outwards over the rest of the lip. Repeat the process for the upper lip.

  • Complete the look by enhancing the roundness of your mouth with a little foundation to lift the lower corners, lightly dabbed on using a flat, bevelled make-up sponge.

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