All You Need to Know About ColouringYour Pout

Tips to Apply & Choose Between Types of Lipsticks

Applying a lipstick flawlessly takes a little effort. And research. But once mastered, it makes a world of difference to the wearer.

Getting that perfect splash of colour on your pout is tough. How do some women make it look so effortless!

If you’ve never applied lipstick before, it might be unnerving not knowing where to start. There are multiple types of lipsticks in a million shades, and in cream, matte and gloss textures. And there are shades for the day and colours for the night. It can get mind-boggling.

Are there any lipstick tips to help you get started? Read on to find out how to choose & apply lipstick flawlessly.

Start with finding the best lipstick for your complexion

The shops are flooded with infinite range of colours. Unfortunately, not all shades match every skin tone. Test the colour before you decide to splurge on it.

Instead of trying the lipstick shade on the back of your hand, try it on the inside tip of your index finger. The skin here is closest to the shade of your lips. Start with a conservative colour; you have the rest of your life to get bolder and experiment more.

How about a moisturising coloured lip balm? It gives you a subtle colour, softlips and a slight gloss too. Which brings us to…

Choosing between satin, matte, or gloss

If multiple shades weren’t enough, lipsticks also come in three different textures – satin, matte and gloss.

Start with a subtle gloss during the day hours, and keep the satin and matte finish for night time. In fact, just a gloss is a good way when you’re starting off. You’ll get comfortable with having something on your lips. Plus, it won’t look funny if you eat or lick it off. Talking of which…


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Picking a local name vs. an international brand

Do what you may, but do not compromise on the quality of the lipstick. Don’t go for cheap and unknown brands. Having said that, don’t pickexpensive international names right away. Go for reliable local brands while you’re still testing colours and getting comfortable with the idea of a lipstick.

So, are you ready to learn how to…

Apply the lipstick
You’ve got the perfect shade, in the perfect texture. It’s now time to move on to applying it. Here are some lipstick application tips. Learning to do it correctly will show you how to makelipstick stay on longer.

Moisturise first. Always: Chapped lips are a terrible canvas for your lipstick. Exfoliate and moisturise your lips well before beginning the application. Use a soft brush to remove any dead skin.

Outline: Take a lip-liner of the shade closest to your lipstick and define your lips. This step is crucial when you start off as it’ll prevent the colour from bleeding out. Stay true to your lip shape.

Brush it on: Use a lip brush to apply the lipstick.

Blot: After application, blot your lips lightly with a tissue. This will remove any excess colour and give you an even finish. You are also unlikely to get lipstick on your teeth this way.

Say Oooh: As a final touch stick your index finger into your mouth and pull it out slowly to remove any excess colour.

Now that you know how to, get started and get ready to show off that pout.

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