Airbrush, Mineral or Regular Makeup – Which One Is For You?

Airbrush, Mineral or Regular Makeup – Which One Is For You?

If you don’t know the difference between airbrush, mineral and regular makeup, choosing the right kind gets difficult. What’s it going to be for you?

There’s nothing like good or bad makeup. The best result lies in the hands of your makeup artist who will look at your skin, your skin tone, your comfort levels and the time of the day before deciding on the best look for you.

Makeup has evolved a lot over the years. The choice isn’t limited to just matt or glossy, powders or creams, or oil-free or hydrating.Newer products, newer methods of application and newer styles have flooded the market. And being aware is important.

Read on to know about airbrush makeup, mineral makeup and regular makeup. Each type has its pros and cons, and ultimately it is you and your makeup artist who will decide on the best look for you. 

Do as the models do – AirbrushMakeup

Not to be confused with the airbrushed technique of Photoshop, this method uses an airgun machine to apply a thin, even layer of makeup on your skin. Makeup comes out as a fine mist and covers the parts of the face and body that need makeup.Thesudden popularity of airbrush makeup is due to the flawless finish that this offers.

As with any technique, it isgood and bad. First, the advantages. This requires much less product and gives you a flawless look quite effortlessly.

Airbrush makeup is also non-transferable. Hug and kiss loved ones with abandon, without worrying about seeing half your makeup disappear on their clothes or face.

This does not make it entirely waterproof. Crying or sweating can leave streaks, and unlike traditional makeup, you cannot ‘repair’ airbrush makeup without leaving signs. Caution, keep tissues handy and don’t let your makeup get wet.

The natural look – Mineral Makeup

Women became aware of the chemicals contained within traditional makeupovernight and they desired to switch to something more healthy and environmentally-friendly.

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Say hello to mineral makeup. Natural minerals are treated with various oxidizing processes to create colourful shades. These crushed minerals are then used as makeup powder.

Mineral makeup is good for delicate or sensitive skin and is perfect to use daily. Unfortunately, the minerals used in the product reflect the glare of a camera flash and make your appear brighter than the rest of the body, creating an artificial look in photographs for your special event.

Sticking to the known – Traditional Makeup

Look inside your purse. All the makeup you are carrying is mostly the traditional kind – liquid, cream-based, or pressed powder. The most versatile of all, it can be used to add just a hint of colour or can be used more extensively.

Most professional artists prefer traditional makeup as it gives more control and a lot more flexibility in creating the perfect look. While this too is mostly non-transferable, in case of smudges or streaks, repair work can be done easily.

Choosing your makeup type

Remember, at the end, it is about you, and not the makeup. And the skill of your makeup artist.

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