The Year Before: A Bride’s 23 Step Plan for Gorgeous Skin and Hair

The Year Before: A Bride’s Complete Stepwise Plan for Gorgeous Skin and Hair

You’ve chosen the bridal dress and accessories; the venue has been finalised and booked; the guest list is ready and invites sent out; the beautician has been prepped too. Think you’re all set for your big day now? Anything, but. It’s time to talk skin and hair care.

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Your wedding day is the most special day in your life. You want to look and feel your best. And that doesn’t mean just booking the best makeup artist or hiring an ace photographer.

The best bridal makeup might hide flaws and blemishes, and you could fashion your hair (yes, part of your beauty programme) after one of the latest bridal hair styles, but there’s no substitute for a natural glow. Basically, you need to take care of yourself and your beauty regime a year in advance (at least 6 months before your special day)

The main areas of focus that we think you need to prep for are as follows:

  • Body Care Routine
  • Skin Care Routine
  • Hair Care Regime
  • Your Eyebrows
  • Your Makeup Regime
  • Nail Care
  • Teeth Care
  • And most importantly, your Health

We will shall guide you through each and every aspect of your bridal beauty regime.

We also have a complete bridal grooming tips (yes, a complete guide to hair removal for a bride-to-be) and tricks present here.

Frequently Asked Bridal Beauty Questions & Top 23 Bridal Beauty Tips You Must Know

Q.1 What should be a bride’s perfect body care routine?

1 year before your wedding:

#1 Dry Brushing:

What is dry brushing, you may ask. It is nothing but taking a bristled brush and massaging your body in a circular movement. This ensures increased circulation in the body, and also helps in getting rid of dead skin cells.

So you can start a year before your wedding and see how it feels for you personally, and then do it monthly or weekly, whatever is your preference.

8-9 months before your wedding:

#2 Body Scrubbing

Body scrubs help in skin exfoliation and hydration. It is basically a facial for the entire body. With granules of ingredients, the skin is scrubbed (for example, coffee scrubs). This removes the dead skin from your body. This is followed by a good hydrating, moisturizing lotion, to nourish your skin deeply. If you have never done this, it is advisable to start 9-10 months before your wedding, to understand which scrub suits you the most!

6 months before your wedding:

#3 Body Lotions – An important addition to your regime

We all moisturize our face and the exposed parts of hands, but never our body. Body lotions are important for complete bridal beauty. Start 6 months before your wedding, to understand what suits you the most.

Q.2 What should be a bride’s perfect skin care routine?

1 year before your wedding:

#4 Stress Management

Stress causes skin to break out and also look very tired, and wedding season is very stressful. Hence it is advisable to try different de-stressing methods a year in advance and find the best possible match for your requirements. Yoga and exercise are wonderful ways to wind down.

#5 Meeting your Dermatologist

Meet your dermatologist a year before if you have acne or severe dandruff problem. Sometimes, these problems require medication as a solution, and it is better they are resolved well in advance of the wedding.

6 months before your wedding:

#6 DIY Facial Massage

Facial Massage helps in blood circulation and it would be a great idea to do a 5 minute facial massage every night, before you go sleep. It can be as easy as moving your fingertips in a circular motion all over your face while using a good night cream like Olay regenerist night cream.

3 months before your wedding:

#7 Green Juice

Green leafy vegetables are rich in iron, which is an essential component to blood formation and circulation. Having green juice (spinach, cucumber and other ingredients that you like) everyday would help in blood purification and skin detoxification.

10 days before your wedding

#8 Facials

Exfoliation and hydration of skin is essential for our faces and it is important you have a facial done 8-10 days before your wedding to get an envious glow!

Q.3 What should be a bride’s perfect hair care routine?

9 months before your wedding

#9 Hair treatments – Protein/Keratin

Decide whether you want to get a protein or keratin treatment done for hair smoothening. If yes, then start at least 8 months in advance, to understand your hair looks and feels, post the treatment. If not, then start getting a hair spa done. You can even try hair spa at home.

6 months before your wedding

#10 Hair Colour

If you decide that you want to get your hair coloured, and it is the first time of you colouring it or you trying a new colour, it is advisable to first try the hair colour 6 months before the wedding, so that any major issue can be resolved before the wedding day!

3 months before your wedding:

#11 Hair Cut

Decide what type of haircut you want. If you don’t want to change your look, get your hair trimmed of the multiple split ends!

#12 Hair Packs

Hair packs nourish our hair and really provide the necessary tender love care needed by our tresses! Try homemade, natural hair packs to get rid of your common problems.

Q.4 What should a bride do to get the perfect eyebrows?

6 months before you wedding:

#13 Meet a professional who will help you out with the shape of your brows

Your eyebrow shape can change your entire look! Also, over-threading can affect your natural shape. Hence, 6 months before the wedding, let your eyebrows grow and then go to a professional to get it shaped. Then keep following this by monthly appointments, so that on your wedding, you have the perfect arches!

#14 Start Eyebrow Regime

By Eyebrow routine, we mean, start paying attention to them and provide the required TLC. Massage them every night with almond oil (only if you are not allergic to almonds) and see the difference!

Q.5 What should a bride do to get a perfect set of teeth?

1 year before your wedding:

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#15 Meet your Dentist

If you any concerns with your teeth, like whiteness or any cavity or the shape of your smile, meet your dentist to have a discussion about the same. You will understand if your problem can be solved or not, and 1 year is enough time to actually sort your dental concerns.

1 month before your wedding:

#16 Final Cleaning of your teeth

Coffee, berries, tea, red wine etc. stain your teeth. You would not want stained teeth in your wedding photos. Hence we advise you to get your teeth cleaned by your dentist.

Q.6 What should a Bride’s do with her perfect Nails:

1 year before your wedding:

#17 Hand Care Regime

Nails are often neglected and can get brittle and be under-nourished. It is essential to use a good quality hand cream every night to actually promote healthy cuticles and nails. This will also result in soft, wrinkle-free hands!

6 months before your wedding:

#18 Professional Manicure & Pedicure:

Start visiting a professional for a monthly manicure and pedicure. This will be a very relaxing session and will help in controlling the wedding stress build-up period and also ensure that your nails are in top condition!

Q.7 What are the most important Bridal Makeup Tips:

6 months before your wedding:

#19 Start looking for your makeup artist

Bridal makeup is one of the most important aspects of a wedding look. To capture your best photographs, it is essential your makeup complements your dress and accessories as well as the location. For this, hiring a professional artist makes sense, and it is necessary to start looking for one 6 months prior to your wedding. It takes time to find a good, within budget and experienced makeup artist!

3 months before your wedding:

#20 Have a trial look

Before your wedding, you must finalize your makeup look. For this, it is essential you have had your hair and makeup trials 3 months prior to your wedding. This will ensure that your team is in sync with your wishes. This is a must and should not be skipped at any cost!

Q.8 What are some Important Health Tips Every Bride Must Remember

1 year before the wedding:

#21 Get a good sleep cycle started

You don’t say “beauty” just for the sake of it! Good 8 hours of sleep ensures that your skin is rejuvenated overnight, your energy is replenished and your entire biological setting is perfected. Hence it is essential to get in to the early sleepers, early risers bunch, so that your health is never compromised upon!

#22 Eat Healthy

What we eat is another major contributor to our beauty. Not only does it positively impact our health with increased energy and stamina, it also helps in repairing our damaged cells quickly. Proper, nutritious diet is essential part of healthy lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle is essential for a beautiful body.

9 months before the wedding:

#23 Exercise Regime

Along with eating healthy, you need to work out, to remain healthy. A little physical activity is of paramount importance, as it ensures that every part of our body is functioning at its optimal level. Hence, if you have never been fit, it is a good bonus you start your “new life” with a new resolution of maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle!

If the above mentioned regimes cannot be adopted, then we suggest you read the next part. To get radiant bridal look, it is essential to begin and follow a strict skin care regimen, three to six weeks before your wedding.

#1 Detox, and then detox some more: Cleanse your body of all unhealthy eating and drinking. It’s not too difficult. Follow this simple 5-point mantra to glow on the outside.

#2 Drink at least 2 liters of water daily: No colas or alcohol, only water and vegetable juices.

#3 Drink coconut water every day: Nature’s beauty secret, this delicious and natural drink is packed with nutrients. Have it fresh every day.

#4 Consider multivitamins: Multivitamins offer lot of health-boosting advantages that reflect on your skin. Consult your doctor before taking any.

#5 Eat right and exercise well: Get off junk food and get on the treadmill. Join a gym, learn some yoga or go for a walk.

#6 Be happy: Get into the sunshine, meditate or keep a happiness journal

8 Steps for Diligent Skin Care before your Wedding

Now that you know what steps to take to look beautiful from within, here are some ways to work from the outside.

#1 Cleanse: The fastest way to get a pimple is by going to sleep with makeup on. Remove all traces and also wash off the makeup remover.

#2 Moisturize: Start moisturizing twice a day for a month before the wedding. Your skin will be smoother and less oily too.

#3 Don’t forget the sunscreen: Get into the habit of applying sunscreen 15-20 minutes before stepping out. Reapply every 2 hours.

#4 Pamper yourself at home: Exfoliate regularly and apply a face pack once a week. Pay attention to hands, feet, elbows and knees.

#5 Go to a skin specialist: Skin issues or not, a visit to the skin doctor is a good idea to gauge your skin’s type and need.

#6 Get a facial: A few facials before the wedding can pamper your skin. Allow 48 hours between your facial and the wedding makeup. Never done a facial before? Try it at least 4-6 weeks before the wedding.

#7 Hand and nails: Manicures, pedicures, well-groomed and coloured nails are a must. Start a regimen of moisturizing your hands and feet every night before sleeping.

#8 Do not experiment: A month before the wedding isn’t when you go looking for new stuff. Stick to the tried, tested and trusted.

3 Must Know Hair Care Tips For the Bride-to-Be

Don’t forget your hair. And that doesn’t mean just finding the perfect stylist.

#1 Deep condition: Only if you’re planning on leaving your hair loose or half-up-half-down. If your plan is a tied-up style, you can leave this part out.

#2 Perfect your colour: Give your hair colour a boost with some touch-ups or highlights. This gives it time to set and it’s not too early for the roots to show.

#3 Dry hair treatment: A hot-oil massage every third day is excellent for dry hair. Ask your hair stylist what ritual to follow one week before your big day.

Top Bridal Makeup Looks

This is the time to tryout and choose cosmetics, and do makeup and hairstyle rehearsals.

#1 Buy cosmetics now: Stick to brands you know and have used before. But if you want to try something new, the time is now. Even if you get a reaction, a month is ample time to get over it.

#2 Have makeup and hair trials: Trawl magazines and the internet for the look you want. Go to your stylist ready with a few ideas. Keep 3 or 4 hairstyles in mind for all the ceremonies.

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