7 Steps to Get Your Eyebrows Wedding Ready.

7 Steps to Get Your Eyebrows Wedding Ready

Eyebrows are an important part of your wedding look. Whether you’re new to the land of eyebrowshaping or are accustomed to tweezing out stray hair regularly, there are some dos and don’ts to follow now that the big day is around the corner.

That quirky arch over the eyes, the eyebrow, can help define your face. An eyebrow frames your eyes and helps bring out their best attribute.

One of the bridal eye makeup tips to keep in mind while planning your wedding look is the shape of your eyebrows. The perfect eyebrow shape can enhance your appearance and make you look amazing in your wedding photographs.

Remember not to leave eyebrow shaping till the very end, though. If you want the perfect shape, you need to begin very early. And also make sure you and your stylist are on the same page when it comes to eyebrow makeup.

7 Bridal Eyebrow Tips For Your Wedding

1. Hands off! Let your eyebrows grow.

Over-tweezed or plucked eyebrows can take several months to a year to grow! Once your wedding date has been fixed just keep your hands off your eyebrows to let them grow into their shape. Drink lots of water, and eat healthy and timely meals to boost hair growth.

2. Be patient

Yes, yes. We understand. Just one lookat your unruly brows can leave you wincing. But pleasebe patient. That means no waxing, tweezing and definitely no plucking any stray strands.Make an appointment with your makeup artist 5-6 weeks before your wedding day.

3. Find your shape


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The perfect eyebrow shape decides whether you look pleasant, angry or surprised at all times. Go to a professional who only uses tweezers to get your look. Waxing and threading cannot achieve the perfection that plucking one hair at a time gets. 

4. Keep regular appointments

Keep your salon visits regular and equally spaced-out. As you get closer to your wedding date you will begin to see the shape of your eyebrows. Keep your last appointment two days before the wedding to get the final look without any of the associated redness.

5. Fill in bare spots

As your eyebrows gain shape, you might notice a few bare spots. Don’t worry. That’s what eyebrow pencils are for. Find one that matches your eyebrow colour the closest and fill in the gaps.

6. Prepare for big-day maintenance

If you somehow haven’t managed to be patient or overzealous, and find that you’ve overdone your eyebrows, don’t panic. Eyebrow pencils, serums and eyebrow gels can help set and get the desired shape. Oh, and make sure they’re all waterproof.

7. Add some highlighter

To make your eyebrows stand out in your wedding photographs, dab on some highlighter just below the brow. It accentuates the shape and your eyes will shine brighter.

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