7 Steps to Apply Liquid Eyeliner Perfectly.

Learn To Apply Liquid Eyeliner In Just 7 Steps!

Applying liquid eyeliner requires a different technique than its pencil counterpart.

Do you desire a lash line that is really dark? Have you heard that liquid eyeliner is really smooth to apply but don’t quite know the technique?

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner in 7 Easy Steps:

Step 1: In order to choose the right eyeliner for you, you must be aware that there are two main kinds of liquid eyeliner, namely, the dip-brush andthe felt tip. If you like the feel of the pencil eyeliner then the felt tip is a great option, else the dip-brush is great.

Step 2: Now you have to prep your eyelids. Use some eyelid primer before you apply your eyeliner as this will help it adhere to your lids all day. If you want to wear eye-shadow then put it on after you apply the primer but before you apply your eyeliner.

Step 3: One of the only reasons women hesitate to use liquid eyeliner is the lack of a steady hand. But this can easily be rectified by resting the elbow of your hand on a table and the hand on your cheek.

Step 4: Start applying the eyeliner by drawing tiny dots along the border of your upper lash; ensure that they are evenly spaced.


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Step 5: Using short strokes connect the dots. This gives a basic outline of your eyeliner.

Step 6: Now, since it’s inevitable that your line won’t be even or may have breaks the moment you connect the dots. So, now you have to smooth the eyeliner out with a steady hand.

Step 7: Time to give your line a tail. Using your eyeliner, draw a smallish line that moves up and finish it with a tiny triangle at the end. And you’re done; now you know how to use liquid eyeliner!

What are the Benefits of Liquid Eyeliner

  1. It is way smoother to apply than pencil eyeliners
  2. Most liquid eyeliners have bolder colours
  3. Liquid Eyeliners stay for much longer
  4. That being said Liquid Eyeliners can be wiped off easily too
  5. Liquid Eyeliners allow you to make sharper lines

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