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Do Your Own Nails Perfectly In Just 5 Steps!

If you simply have no time for the nail spa, here’s how you can do it yourself at home! Dress up your nails in these 5 simple steps.

How To Do Your Own Nails At Home

1. Decide on a colour scheme for your nails

Before you start painting your nails, decide on a colour scheme. The general rule of thumb for this tutorial is to pick a dark polish as your base coat, and have two to three other colours, which will serve as layer accents. It’s important that the nail polishes you use as accents are shimmery but still slightly transparent so that some of the base colour will show through – this way the layers can be seen and you will have a beautiful depth!

2. Paint your base coat

When it comes to base coats, dark colours are easier to handle than lighter colours as mistakes don’t show up as obviously – perfect if you’re doing this for the first time! Shimmery black, navy or a really dark red are perfect base colours.

3. Dab on your accent colour

This is the fun part as it’s where your creativity kicks in! Rather than painting or swiping your accent colours onto your nails, use a cosmetic sponge to dab it on. The effect will differ depending on how porous the sponge is – feel free to experiment with different types of sponges! Less is always more, so start small and build the intensity of the colour as you go along.

Start with the darkest accent colour first. Apply some of it on the sponge and start dabbing it across your nails. Let it dry fully before applying the next layer of colour.

4. The last layer

This last layer should be the lightest colour. Using the nail polish brush, lightly brush it across your nail diagonally, and quickly dab at it with the sponge or your finger so that it blends in with the other layers.


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5. The final touch-up

At this point, your nails should be more or less finished. If you are happy with how it looks, seal it with a coat of clear nail polish. If not, continuing layering your shimmery accent colours until you are satisfied. You can also dab on the base colour on areas you would like to cover up.

Suggested colour combinations

For a galaxy-space feel: 

Shimmery black as base colour, with blue, green and pink as highlights.

Christmas-tree inspired: 

Shimmery maroon as base colour, with green, gold and white as highlights.

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