5 Makeup Tips for Rainy Weather

Just because it’s rainy and grey doesn’t mean you have to look like a bedraggled rat as you go about running errands and picking up the kids from school. By using some choice products and following some smart tricks, you can still put your best face forward no matter what storms you face.

#1 Keep it simple

The wetter it is, the less you should pile on your face – this reduces the chances of rainwater smudging or washing away your carefully applied makeup. Skip your heavy moisturiser since the humidity will keep your skin naturally supple and avoid thick liquid foundation.

Instead, apply a thin layer of BB cream or tinted moisturiser only to areas that require coverage. Wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner and stick to neutral shades of eyeshadow, blush and lip colour. You will look understated yet chic and will only have to do minimal touch-ups if your makeup does get wet.

#2 Blend it in

Makeup often runs or smudges because it has not been blended properly. Use a makeup sponge to gently massage your base makeup into the surface of the skin. Once it ‘sits’ properly on your skin, it will be less likely to streak or get messed up.

#3 Pucker up

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Avoid lip gloss or glossy lipsticks as the monsoon winds are likely to blow your hair in your face and smear your lip gloss everywhere. A lip stain is your most colour-fast bet, or use a matte lipstick and dust some baby powder over your puckers to allow the colour to set.

#4 Fight the frizz

High humidity tends to cause hair to frizz up, which can unfortunately make you look unruly. Condition your hair regularly and apply hair oil or serum to your locks – the oil acts as a barrier to prevent your hair from absorbing external moisture.

If you have long hair, tie it up in a stylish loose bun to keep unruly waves under control. Plus, if any strands come loose, it will just look like it was meant to be!

#5 Bring backup

If you don’t already have one, prep a small makeup pouch containing some face-saving essential tools. They include makeup wipes, Q-tips (to remove small smudges in tight corners) and an extra makeup sponge. Throw in a multi-purpose makeup palette and some tinted moisturiser so you can touch up when you arrive at your destination.

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