5 Make Up Tips That Are Rain-proof

5 Essential Make Up Tips For Rainy Season

Even a die-hard rain lover (pluviophile) can start to detest the rain because of what it does to make-up.

Yes, the rain’s finally here after the long and torturous summer spell! As welcome as the rain is, it isn’t the best thing for your make-up. That’s because regular make-up, when wet, doesn’t sit well and you could end up looking like a character from a Vikram Bhatt film. And unless that’s the look you’re going for, you’re going to have to improvise.

5 Make Up Tips For Rainy Season

1. Opt For Waterproof Mascara

  • Running mascara, made famous by Hollywood film actresses, is one of the first dangers of a monsoon spell.
  • To ensure that you don’t seem like Ms Monroe during her most vulnerable, check that the label of your mascara box says ‘WATERPROOF’ (it’s ok if it’s not in capital too).

2. Don’t Compromise On Lipstick Quality

  • Lipstick can add just the right dash of colour to your monsoon attire.
  • However, an average quality lipstick will not survive the monsoon spell.
  • For your lipstick to cut it and make you look ravishing during the rains, invest in the best quality of lipstick around. Trust us, it works wonders!

3. Try Tinted Moisturizers

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  • One of the biggest things to keep in mind in the monsoons is that you have to sport a waterproof foundation.
  • Which is why, sometimes a thin coat of tinted moisturizer works much better and lasts far longer than regular foundation.
  • You know, like with everything else, the foundation determines the outcome.
  • Olay Total Effects 7 in one day cream with a touch foundations seems like great option as it also fights the 7 signs of ageing.

4. Primer up Ladies

  • Primer will help prevent that tinted moisturizer we mentioned earlier, from melting off.
  • That’s definitely one of the best things about Primer.
  • Additionally, it will also help your make-up stay in place even in your worst time.

5. Cream Blush to the Rescue

  • Powder blush is great for bright, sunny days but rest assured, it will not stick during the rains.
  • But don’t fear, cream blush is a great alternative during the monsoon spell.
  • Pick the right shade, wear it and watch as it sticks with you like a best friend.

Now that you’re aware on what you need to stock up on along with the requisite know-how about it, you can step out into the rain fearlessly. Ladies, make like Frank Sinatra and go, Singin’ in the Rain.

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