5 Look-changing Eyeliner Styles

5 Eyeliner Styles For Different Eye Shapes

Demure or dramatic, if you wish to don a different look each time you head out anywhere, why not begin with your eyes and let them do the talking?

Glamorous, professionalor playful eyeliner makeup, when used differently, can be so much fun! That is, if you know how to use an eyeliner perfectly.Changing eyeliner styles is one of the easiest ways to create a new look and adorn the windows to your soul.

Here are 5 must-learn eyeliner styles step by step that you can’t afford to live without!

Cat or winged (Used for naturally big eyes) -The perfect cat eyeliner is never out of fashionand very flattering for most eye shapes as it delivers a glamorous, mysterious look even when the rest of your makeup remains low key. You can use any colour pencil or a liquid eye liner to achieve this look.


How to apply winged eyeliner: Hold the liner in the inner corner of your upper eyelids and with a firm hand trace your lash line with a narrow line up until the outer corners. Continue to extend the line out diagonally upwards as far as you wish.

Vintage or retro (Used for all eye shapes) – Also known as classic fashion, this styleis your all-in-one, must-have for an alluring appearance. This was once a famous red carpet look for the stars of yesteryears.


How to apply: From classic black to bright turquoise to a glitter purple hue, line only the upper eyelids starting from the inner corners and extend towards the outer corners staying close to the lash line. It’s a perfect daytime or night-time look.

Funk it Up (Used for all eye shapes, restricted to special occasions and parties)- Designed especially for women who care to dare, these come in varied eye-catching colours. All you must do is pair a neutral-coloured pencil liner with a colourful liner to make the colours stand out more.



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How to apply: Line your lids with the colourful liner and apply a thin outline of black or brown neutral liner around it. The coloured liner draws attention to your eyes and the neutral shade defines them.

Smoky (Used as a ‘filler’ for eyes that have a larger upper eyelid) - Get the sharpness of the eyeliner to compliment the smokiness of an eye shadow for that ultra sexy look!


How to apply smoky eyeliner: To pull off thissmouldering look, apply hues of dark brown or black shades of eye shadow on both your upper and lower lids. After this, line them with a thick line of eyeliner to intensify the smoky effect and highlight the definition.

‘Big eyes’ (Used as an enhancer for small to medium eyes) - Women use eye liners mainly to intensify the appearance of their eyes.


How to apply: Use black or brown coloured eyeliner to create the classic eyeliner look. Make the portion of the eyeliner in the centre of the eye a little thicker and taper it down as it touches both the corners. 

With a little practice and maybe some experimentation with colour, you can improvise on these styles to create your own signature look. 

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