5 Easy Ways to Perfect Mobile Makeup

5 Easy Ways to Perfect Makeup For Mobile Pictures!

Avoid a face full of shine and smudgy mascara and be camera-ready at a moment’s notice.

With new technology constantly popping up, it’s more important than ever to put your best mobile face forward. To help you, we found five ways to make sure you always look good on the small screen.

1. Say Goodbye to Shine
There’s nothing more distracting than a big shiny forehead. Personally, I keep blotting papers in my purse at all times. This way, I can get rid of excess shine in a heartbeat.

If you do want to use a powder, steer clear of HD makeup.

“It's meant only for HD cameras,” warns Ashleigh Louer, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist. “So if you have a picture taken with a camera flash it will reflect off the powder and will look like an unblended mess!”

Instead, Louer suggests using a translucent setting powder to keep your makeup in place and shine to a minimum.

2. Prep and Prime
Having a flawless face isn’t just about your makeup. It’s important to prep your skin as well. Celebrity makeup artist Susan Thompson recommends using a hydration-infused mask for five minutes before applying makeup. For a quick prep, Thompson says to take a half pump of light moisturizer and gently pat on cheekbones and around your eyes.

“It gives you that natural glow,” she says.

3. Hide Those Bags
Nobody wants dark circles to be the focus of their face. If you're like me, you pile on the under-eye concealer. But when you’re in front of the camera, makeup doesn’t always translate the same as in real life. Louer cautions against using an under-eye concealer that is too light.


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“It will appear really white under the reflection of a camera flash,” she says.

Instead, Louer suggests using a corrector concealer first. Lighter skin tones should gear towards pinkish-salmon colors while darker skin tones should stick with more orange-peachy hues.

“It counteracts any bluish or red tones under the eyes,” Louer says. Once you’re done, layer a concealer on top that is no more than one shade lighter than your skin tone.

4. Add a Pop of Color
Everyone looks better with a little color on their face. If you don’t have time for touchups, start off your day with a cream blush — it lasts longer than powder. Or, try a liquid blush. Thompson says it creates a more natural effect.

Another easy trick? Always keep your favorite lip color on hand. Just one swipe of berry pink or apple red and you’ll instantly look 10 times better in front of the camera.

5. Work Your Angles
I know it sounds crazy but when you have some free time, stare at yourself in front of the mirror. We won’t judge. Study your face and figure out your best angles. (I personally look better on my left side.) To look thinner, bring your arms an inch or two away from your body and remember to keep your shoulders back. Good posture is everything.

And don’t forget: A little smile can go a long way.

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