3 Trendy Nail Art for Short Nails

3 Simple Nail Art Designs To Ink Your Nails Uniquely

So you wish you had long nails but for some reason, don’t.

It’s probably the calcium levels in your gene pool or just some kind of cosmic jinx that causes you to break them just when they’re about to grow out. Or maybe this is voluntary. You like short nails. They’re easy to maintain, always clean and/or you’re a compulsive nail-chewer and can’t afford to grow them out because well, you’ve already consumed way too many nails for the average adult.
But before we digress, you like nail art. Great. So do we. And you’ve kind of assumed that it’s for people with long nails. Wrong. A painting is a painting, whatever the size of the canvas. At least, that’s what we’d like to think. So if you’re up for it (that is, if you have great artistic skills or at least a vague sense of adventure and some patience), we’ve got some easy and trendy nail art for short nails that you can try out: 

3 Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

#1 Black and white nail art for short nails:

  • This one’s super easy and also a crowd pleaser.
  • All you have to do is paint your nails white. Let them dry.
  • When they’re completely dry, make a curve from the top right point to the lower left point in black. Done?
  • Great, now colour one half (any half) black and leave the rest white.
  • Repeat on all fingers.
  • This gorgeous yet simple short nail art design is so striking, it’s the best way to get a point across and be taken seriously, especially if the rest of your personality tends to be, well, colourful.

#2 The multi heart nail art for small nails:


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  • Fan of hearts? Great, so are we! Nothing says ‘I’m so happy, I feel nothing but love for the world right now’ quite like a heart. And when it’s three hearts all stacked up in a row…well, you get the point.
  • Pick three favourite shades of pink and red.
  • Draw hearts, one over the other.
  • Colour them inside with the different shades. Of course, there’s a ton of waiting and drying involved so like we said, it does require patience.
  • This is a great idea if you want to send out a sweet, lovable vibe!

#3 The I Heart Paris nail art for short nails:

  • Love Paris? We’ve got the perfect one for you and you’d be amazed just how easy it is to get done.
  • You’ll need two shades: Black and a darling shade of baby pink.
  • Well, just close your eyes and think Paris. That pink.
  • Now paint three nails pink and two black. Wait for them to dry.
  • Now paint pink polka dots on one of the black nails, tiny black hearts on one of the pink nails and a black Eiffel Tower – which is basically an ‘A’ with two small horizontal strokes on the top – on the other pink nail.
  • And you’re set and ready for Paris. De Rien!

So there you go. Try these easy-peasy glam nail art designs for short nail and you’ll gain enough confidence for the more ambitious one next time around!

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