3 Pro-Stylist Tips for Looking Gorgeous in Photos

3 Pro-Stylist Tips for Looking Gorgeous in Photos

3 Pro-Stylist Beauty & Makeup Tips for Looking Gorgeous in Photos

When stars hit the red carpet, they have the advantage of getting ready with a glam squad. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a stylist, hair and makeup team at our disposal. Luckily, there are some tricks you can take from the red carpet to make sure you are the star of your next party. Here are three pro-stylist tips that’ll get you looking gorgeous for the camera.

Golden Girl 
Neutral dresses, like beige and blush, are huge this season. When you’re wearing these muted hues, you want to glow like a star. This means bronzer is your best friend. Contour your face by brushing bronzer in the shape of an “E” or “3” from your temples to your cheekbones to just under your chin (just don’t overdo it). For eyeshadow, use a gold or bronze palette for a warm glow. Keep your hair natural, or even add a trendy braid for an effortless but chic look.

Camera tip: When taking a photo, avoid harsh lighting so you can have radiant-looking skin. It also helps to look directly at the lens or just above to slim your face.

Jeweled Queen 
Jewel tones continue to rule the red carpet. The great part about purple, teal and ruby is these colors work for everyone! You must remember not to accidentally match your eyeshadow to your dress. Instead, try a warm bronze or brown smoky eye. If you want to go matchy-matchy, do it with your manicure.

Camera tip: Avoid an overly heavy or dark smoky eye. It will instantly make you look older on camera.

Pastel Princess 
Pastels are more popular than ever. When wearing soft and delicate colors, you want to make sure your makeup looks sophisticated. The easiest way to do this is with a cat eye. Add a pop of pink or coral to your lips to soften the face. Apply a couple layers of blush so you don’t look washed out. For your hair, reference the ’60s with some volume on top, either in a half updo or chic ponytail.

Camera tip: Make sure to smile! Pursing your lips can just make you look tense. Opt for a more natural look and keep it simple.

Do you have any fail proof camera tricks? Let us know in the comments!

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