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3 Golden Rules For The Most Glamorous Party Look!

Useful tips to keep you looking fabulous and comfortably confident all night long.

How To Look & Feel The Most Glamorous In A Party

1. Focus your impact points

  • Pretty patterns are for weddings not winter parties. Keep it simple and classy. Whether it’s a little black dress or a slinky long red one, choose an outfit that flows easily. You don’t want to have to pose in one flattering position all night!
  • Use your handbag, shoes or necklace to make the big glitzy impact for you
  • If you want to draw in the waist choose a skinny belt, necklace or scarf instead of a chunky daytime belt

2. Feel luxurious

  • Faux fur is central to the retro chic trend – in bright colours for coats or hats, or browns, greys or black for a stole or collar
  • Shimmering fabrics like satins and silks are fine, but go for something that isn’t going to reveal every bead of sweat when you’re dancing
  • Keep the outfit simple but add glitz to your hair – one well-chosen accessory and a spritz of your favourite perfume

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3. Arrive in style

  • Hours of beautifying can be ruined by a drab raincoat. Prepare for weather changes, even a poncho or long cardigan is going to suit better than your usual thick overcoat
  • If you must wear a raincoat, wear your hubby’s black Mac draped over your shoulders – you’ll look coolly spontaneous and he’ll look gallant!
  • However, don’t let killer heels murder your feet, wear something more practical until you arrive; any hostess will understand

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