30 Must Know Bridal Makeup Tipsand Tricks

30 Essential Bridal Makeup Tips For A Perfect Wedding Look

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. A day to be remembered and cherished forever. Also, one you can go back to again and again because of the numerous wedding photographs that you will have. Hence, you want to look your best, with the perfect bridal makeup and hair, when you are immortalised in those wedding albums. Here’s how you can.

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Nothing can go wrong on your wedding day. You have dreamed and fantasized of this day for a long time. Every single item has been planned down to the smallest detail. What about your own beautiful self? With the dress, accessories, hairstyle and makeup for wedding locked in, you are sure to be the most ravishing bride.

Keep some of these wedding makeup tips in mind and have the dream wedding you always wanted.  

Our Top 30 Bridal Makeup Tips

Top Tips for Perfect Wedding Makeup Application

Tip #1 Stay oil-free

Remember to use oil-free products to prevent a shine from building up on your face. Better, keep oil-free blotting sheets handy. Never wipe, but gently blot if you feel your face getting oily.

Tip #2 More is good

Your wedding is the one time that we will encourage more makeup than you would usually apply. The camera tends to tone down the look. But ensure that they have not been simply plastered on! Maintain a good balance while using products.

Tip #3 Practice

If you plan on doing your own makeup, practice how to do bridal makeup several times before the D-day. On the actual day too, start with less. It is much easier to add than to remove.

Tip #4 Don’t forget the primer

After you wash and moisturize your face, apply a primer. Do this before the foundation. Not only will it hide flaws, but it will also hold your makeup and keep it fresh-looking longer.

Pro-Tip: If you are preferring light makeup on your wedding day, you can maybe use Olay Total Effects 7 IN ONE Day Cream Touch of Foundation which will moisturize your face as well as give a touch of sheer foundation, and hence reduce the numerous layers of makeup!

Tip #5 Never use your fingers

Always use a sponge or brush when applying foundation, and never use your fingers. You could transfer bacteria from your fingers to the bottle, and also leave fingerprints on your face. Dab the sponge gently, don’t swipe it across the face.

Tip #6 Concealer trick

Apply the concealer after the foundation to avoid the ‘too made-up’ look. Don’t use the face concealer on your eyes. Get a creamy one which won’t dry through the long day.

Tip #7 The natural look

If you don’t want to look made up and prefer the natural look, we suggest a cream blush. It will make you look healthy and fresh. Dust some translucent powder over it for longer staying power.

Tip #8 Blush trick

Smile and then apply the blush on your cheeks. Blend the blush well into the temple.

5 Best Bridal Eye Makeup Tips

Tip #9 Primer for the eyes

Use a primer on your eyes before the eyeshadow. This will keep the shadow from smudging.

Tip #10 Eyebrows

Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in eyebrows. Select a colour one or two shades lighter than your natural colour.

Tip #11 Getting the eyeshadow right

Start with darkest shade on the outside and get lighter as you move in. If you make a mistake, don’t use a wipe to repair it. You will remove the foundation and concealer too. Use an earbud with a little makeup remover.

Tip #12 Fake it

No bride is complete without fake eyelashes. They’ll make your eyes look larger and more mesmerizing. Use the full lash only if you’re going for the sexy look. For a more subtle play, use individual lashes. Curl your natural lashes and apply mascara before attaching the fake ones. After the glue has dried, curl these lashes and apply mascara again.

Tip #13 No tears makeup

Waterproof your wedding – makeup, mascara and even the glue for the fake eyelashes.

Best Bridal Lips Makeup Tip

Tip #14 Soft lips

Make sure lips are not dry and flaky when you apply lipstick. Use a balm to soften them first. Outline your lips and use a pencil to fill them in. Then apply the coat of lipstick. This will keep the lipstick from disappearing faster. If your lips are thin, dab on a little shimmer to the middle of the lower lip to give a feeling of fullness.


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Tip #15 Your makeup kit

Carry a bag with makeup essentials with you – lipstick, oil-blotting sheets, translucent powder and earbuds to remove any makeup build-up in the corner of your eyes

The tips mentioned above are the holy grail of makeup tips for every occasion, however, the ones we are mentioning below, every bride must pay equal or more attention to, as your wedding does not happen every day, and you keep going back to the memories of this day till the time’s end. Hence you need to look your best with a few essential eye, face and lips makeup tips. It also good to note that, the bridal makeup preparation should start at least 2-3 months in advance.

Top 14 Pre-Bridal Makeup Tips

#Tip 16: Get the Details

Before you start finalizing your look, it is necessary to have details regarding your wedding location, the expected weather during your wedding date and also, if it is an outdoor or an indoor wedding.

#Tip 17: Foods to Avoid

Once you have all the details, it is essential to start avoiding heavily fried food items, as this could end up with acne problem just before your wedding day. Also, eat fresh fruits and vegetables for a healthy glow.

#Tip 18: Know What You Want

Now that your face is properly nourished, you must understand what you are exactly looking for as your bridal outfit. (This includes your hair, makeup, clothes, accessories and even shoes!)

#Tip 19: Search for Similar Looks

Once this is in place, look for makeup looks online that you think you want to sport on your D-Day. Please understand this, if your skin tone is different when compared to the model in the image, the same makeup is going to look very different on you. You need to consider this, before finalizing anything.

#Tip 20: Makeup Artists

Start looking for makeup artists for your wedding day. Well, you can be an amazing makeup artist yourself, however, we suggest getting a professional one, because, it is your day to be pampered, and also to get ready stress-free. However, it is just a suggestion, it is entirely your call, if you need one or not.

#Tip 21: Who to Hire?

If you choose to hire a professional makeup artist, ensure that you both understand your needs, the artist is within your budget (do not overshoot budgets! They are made for specific reasonsJ) and someone who is ready to help you with a trial session.

#Tip 22: Trial Session

Trial sessions are going to cost you, but they are worth it, as it will help you understand how you would look on your wedding day. Without a trial, you would have to go for the wedding, with whatever has been applied, even if you don’t like the look, as there is little you would be able to change.

#Tip 23: Time Savers

Trial sessions also help you in making any tweaks to your looks prior to your Special Day, and also saves a lot of time on your wedding day, as the artist writes down every shade, and brand of product used to get that perfect look for you.

#Tip 24: Understand the Difference between Real & Ideal

As already stated above, this is a great opportunity to check whether the make up is matching your skin tone and also, accordingly set your expectations and look details with your artist.

#Tip 25: Allergy Check

They also help in understanding if you are allergic to any makeup product. Hence it is also advisable to take a trial 1-2 months prior to your wedding day.

#Tip 26: Hairstyle Trial

It is also advisable to call your hairstylist on the same day, so that you are clear of your entire bridal look.

#Tip 27: Accessories Check

Carry your accessories and jewelry if possible, to understand if they complement your look.

#Tip 28: Lights

Also, ensure that you have a trial session when there is enough daylight, so that you don’t have to use fluorescent light to check the makeup. Natural light is best way to test your look.

#Tip 29: Pimples

If you get a blemish or a pimple before your wedding day, take a few drops of tea tree oil on a Q-Tip and apply it gently on the breakout. It will zap the pimple naturally! Also, ensure that you do not touch the pimple till is treated, as it could cause more break outs.

#Tip 30: Beauty Treatments

Also, do not, we repeat, do not get a facial or waxing done 2-3 days before the wedding! Give yourself a good 5-6 days of rest, and skin time to breathe just before the event!

There you go armed with bridal makeup tips that won’t let you down.

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Thank you for sharing information. Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, waiting for a more new post. Keep Blogging!

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Thank you for sharing information. Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, waiting for a more new post. Keep Blogging!

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Thank you for sharing information. Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, waiting for a more new post. Keep Blogging!

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Thank you for sharing information. Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, waiting for a more new post. Keep Blogging!

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