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7 Frequently Asked Beauty Questions Answered!

Maintaing beauty comes with its own set of hurdles in daily life. Read answers to these 7 commonly asked questions & stay beautiful.

While some beauty questions are personal preferences, others do have some scientific backing. And while looking and feeling your best is the end result of a great personal regimen, here are some facts for you to keep in the back of your mind.

Q1: Does your skin get “tired” if you use the same products every day?

Answer: Your skin is a living organ and is constantly changing to adapt to the environment. This means that your skin’s condition (which is determined by oil and water levels), pigmentation and sensitivity will change as well, so modify your skincare routine to react to these changes. This doesn’t mean that you need to change the range entirely. Simply use a more suitable treatment cream or mask to address changes as they occur.

Q2: Does rubbing a moisturizer into skin cause wrinkles?

Answer: The benefits of massage on the skin far outweigh the possibility of causing wrinkles. It is, however, recommended that you always massage a moisturizer into your skin in an upward direction.

Q3: Can split ends be repaired?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. Trim your hair on a regular basis to keep it split free, as this prevents the split from travelling back along the hair toward the scalp. Split ends may react favorably to conditioners, oil treatments, hair masks and protein treatments, but none of these can repair.

Q4: How do I get my pedicure to last?

Answer: To maintain the softness of the skin on your feet and your shiny, freshly painted toenails after a pedicure, follow these steps:


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  1. Use a foot file on dry feet. This is far more effective than if your skin is wet.
  2. Moisturize your feet every night with a good heel cream.
  3. Rub a high-quality cuticle oil into the cuticles — this makes your nails look good, promotes healthy growth and makes nail polish less likely to chip.
  4. Freshen toenail paint with a good topcoat every week.

Q5: Are white flecks in my nails caused by calcium deficiency or buildup?

Answer: Calcium only constitutes 0.01 percent of your nail, and no imbalance of it or any other dietary requirement will cause white spots. They are actually caused by trauma to the nail bed. The closer it is to your cuticle, the more recent the damage. The flecks will grow out.

Q6: Will my beauty products last longer if I store them in the fridge?

Answer: This isn’t necessary — and may even cause damage to the products. This urban legend started in the ’90s, when companies launched product ranges billed as preservative-free.

In reality, these products had a short shelf life — even when stored in the fridge. Modern skincare products use effective preservative systems, so there is no value whatsoever in storing them in the fridge.

Q7: Can exercise get rid of cellulite?

Answer: Cellulite will not go away completely with exercise. The connective tissue in women is particularly rigid, and cellulite occurs when adipose (fat) tissue below the fibers extends through the connective tissue and creates a misalignment in the fibers. This causes the dimple effect under the skin. Exercise has the ability to realign the fibers of the connective tissue as well as decrease the amount of adipose tissue pushing through, thereby giving the skin a smoother appearance. But no amount of exercise will make it go away completely.

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