10 Beauty No-Nos To Turn Into Yes-Yes in 2016

10 Beauty No-Nos To Turn Into Yes-Yes in 2016

There are no rules when it comes to beauty. As long as you feel good about yourself, it doesn’t matter whether you follow convention or not.

Beauty rules change with every season, decided by beauticians and image stylists sitting in some corner of the world. We wouldn’t blame you for striking out on your own and deciding what works for you. 

But aren’t some tips standard, unchanging for years, even sacrosanct? So you’ve been led to believe. There are a few beauty myths and tips that we feel can be put to rest in 2016. 

Change the rules and what you get are 10 new beauty tips. Have some fun this year. Do what you like. And make a statement with your own look and your own style.

Top 10 Beauty Tips for 2016: 

Rule #1: Highlight your eyes or your lips – never both

Bright eyes and nude lips, or bright lips and minimal eye makeup – that’s how it’s been all along. But what’s to stop you from going all out for a night out with your gal pals.

Rule #2: Your lipstick and nail polish must match, all the time 

Makeup should be complementary, not fully coordinated. The days of playing matching-matching have been left behind and that’s where they should stay.

Rule #3: Only tweeze from below your eyebrows

Not everyone is blessed with squeaky clean brows, and there are stray hairs that escape the natural curve. While you must focus your attention primarily below the brow, there’s no harm in plucking out a few rebel strands from above.

Rule #4: Heaven forbid you have bushy eyebrows!

While on the subject, you can choose to leave your eyebrows untouched instead of sporting an always-surprised look. Clean up a bit, but do you really need painfully-thin eyebrows?

Rule #5: Your skin tone decides if you can wear ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ colours


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Your skin tone is important,but not while deciding what eye shadow or mascara to wear. Think of your wardrobe and the time of the day or night, but beyond that, anything works. 

Rule #6: Limit your eyeliner or mascara to your upper lashes

Someone once decided that applying mascara on the lower lashes makes women look older. Rubbish, we say. The right colour, applied properly, with a fine brush, actually makes your eyes pop.

Rule #7: Layer your fragrances

When a perfumed body wash is followed by a scented talcum powder, a perfumed moisturiser, and then an actual perfume, you might be going on for overkill there. Balance your fragrances but don’t overdo them.

Rule #8: Oily skin? Choose only oil-free products

Beauty products have changed a lot since your teenage years. Invest in products that contain naturally derived oils, likeOlay Natural White 7 IN ONE, which can soothe and nourish your skin.

Rule #9: A regular face scrub is good for you

You don’t need to rub your face red every single day. Take a gentle exfoliating scrub and use it 3-4 times a week

Rule #10: Foundation before concealer, always

If you don’t like the cakeylook, go for the concealer first and then the foundation. After you’ve covered your blemishes (who said you have any!) even a little foundation goes a long way for that flawless look. 

Break these ancient top 10 beauty tips to completely reinvent how you approach makeup this year.

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