Actress Kajal Aggarwal shares her best kept skin secrets

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“I never let my hectic life take a toll on my skin” Superstar Kajal Aggarwal shares her best kept skin secrets, to keep looking young with Olay Total Effects

 “I never let my hectic life take a toll on my skin”

Superstar Kajal Aggarwal shares her best kept skin secrets, to keep looking young with Olay Total Effects

Kajal Aggarwal, best known for her long list of blockbuster movies, shared her beauty secret at an Olay event, along with her story behind achieving success and moving forward without settling.

Having done over 20 films with the biggest actors down south, walking the ramp for top designers, and having a keen interest in reading and wanting to pen a travelogue someday, Kajal’s life is moving in fast forward. Amid this chaotic lifestyle, the one thing she has found to be easy to do was continue to look younger, by using Olay Total Effects.

Speaking of her love for Olay, Kajal says that, “I realized that when I am constantly in the limelight and juggling between shoots with erratic schedules, it’s challenging to excel in all that I do without compromising on the way I look. Being an actress I have to take extra care to maintain my skin and look perfect all day. From barely 4-5 hours of sleep with unpredictable hours of shooting schedules, juggling between two major film industries; down South and Bollywood, to constantly traveling across the globe, I feel that in the last 7 years my life has been running in fast forward. 

Because of this hectic lifestyle, I started noticing changes on my face. My skin started looking tired; I started seeing spots and patches on my face, with a dullness, which worried me because looking good is part and parcel of my life. To my surprise, my dermatologist told me these are signs of skin ageing. I was shocked, I only thought wrinkles were an indication of skin ageing which would not happen so early.  

My dermatologist recommended the most fuss-free product. All I needed was Olay Total Effects. It is after using Olay Total effects that I started seeing the difference in my skin. The spots and patches were gone, and my skin tone had become perfect.  I found a one stop solution for younger looking skin because Olay fights all seven signs of skin ageing. I love it that people find it hard to believe that my first movie released almost 7 years ago. They still see me as one of my first characters.

From starting my career in modeling to becoming an actress, I believe that good things never come from settling but striving towards being your most beautiful. Olay empowers every woman to be her best beautiful with minimal efforts. I feel younger and stress-free about my skin. With my life in fast forward, my skin is in rewind only with Olay Total Effects.”

According to Olay’s recent global study, early signs of aging such as dark circles, dull, blotchy skin, increase in pore size, and fine lines are evident as early as mid twenties. P&G’s beauty expert Dr. Nina Madnani says that, “Due to hectic schedules and modernized lifestyle, today's women lead a life which is running in fast-forward. Hence skin care as a preventive measure should start in the 20s with products which contain Vit C, anti-inflammatory agents like niacinamide, sunscreens. Products such as Olay total effects include Vitaniacin which is a key ingredient that fights the changing skin needs.   It's no use waking up in your 40s and expecting products to work miracles after all the damage is done." The study also revealed that women in highly polluted areas faced worse skin hydration issues than those living in the cleaner air suburbs, thus proving that city pollution is ageing the skin faster than normal. A simple regimen by Olay Total Effects of a cleanser, serum day cream and night cream combats all skincare woes making you look younger than ever.

The Olay Total Effects Day cream which is part of the Olay Total Regimen has also been voted as the best of anti-ageing moisturizer at the Elle India Beauty Awards 2014 by Elle Magazine to combat early ageing.

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