7 Must-Know Bridal Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

There are those who believe that only a fair bride can look beautiful. But what do they know. A dark or dusky complexion is like a playground for exotic colours.

Unlike what television advertisements seem to be spewing out daily, brown is beautiful. In fact, brown in gorgeous. The warm, earthy skin is a rich contrast to the pale complexion of fair skin. Women with dusky to dark skins are actually blessed for so many reasons. Lesser tanning and blemishes that don’t show up starkly are just some advantages.

Indian bridal make-up artists love dark tones. The skin is like an artist’s canvas, waiting to be brought to life with a myriad of bold colours and shades. If your special day is around the corner, you should know how to do bridal makeup beforehand.

7 bridal makeup tips for dark skin

Tip #1: Moisturise well

Dar skin tends to look pasty if it gets dry. Don’t forget to condition your face with a good quality moisturiser. Hydrate your face and skin every day after a shower and don’t neglect the area around your eyes. Apply a moisturiser whenever you feel your skin getting dry and stretchy. Pick a moisturiser with glycerine, lanolinand at least 30 SPF.

Tip #2: Choosing the Right Foundation

Your foundation is the base for your makeup and you need to pick one suitable for your skin type and natural skin colour. We recommend using a water-based liquid foundation.

If you cannot find the perfect shade, pick two and blend them to get the desired shade. Whenselecting the foundation, try it on your foreheador a little above the jaw line instead of the back of your hand. This way you can see what it looks like on your face and get a better idea of whether it matches or not.

Tip #3: Finding the Right Pucker Colour

Dark skin tones can carry off matte shades wonderfully. Consider lipstick shades in nude pink and beige, browns like coffee, mocha and chocolate, dark red and maroon like berry or even wine whenmaking your bridal selection. Before applying the lipstick, use a foundation that matches your lip colour.

Tip #4: Choosing Eye Makeup Perfectly

Whether the event is in the daytime or night will decide how you wear your eye makeup. Remember, lucky woman, dark skins can carry off bold colours like burgundy, purple, green, metallic, copper and browns.

For a day event,avoid eye shadow and keep it simple with a brown/grey eyeliner and mascara only. You can go all out in the evening with dark metallic shades such as browns or blues even. Stay away from powder eyeshadow or light colours which will only make the skin appear darker. Add on the liner and volumisingmascara to complete the look.

Tip #5: Setting your Make-Up with Powder

Set your make-up with a light tinted powder or a translucent powder. Use as less powder as possible. And again, choose a shade that matches your skin tone.

Tip #6: Get the Bridal Blush Going

If you’re not glowing already, using a cheek blush will give you the bridal glow. Colours like rose-brown, peach, wine, rose, coral, gold or bronze will look lovely on your skin tone.

Tip #7: Bringing it all perfectly well together

The secret to perfect makeup is blending all the layers well. Go with your natural skin colour as much as possible and keep the makeup to an absolute minimum.

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