Different Types Of Hair Brushes & How to Use Them Correctly

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Using hair brushes the wrong way could hurt your hair.

If you believe that your hair is doing things of its own accord, think again. For all you know, this unruly behaviour can be attributed to the fact that you’re using the wrong hair brush at the wrong time. Take a look at the various hair brush types, hair comb types and how to use them:

Paddle brush


These brushes are available in all shapes and sizes. The small ones are great for mobile use and the large ones work best for use at home. Typically, they are available in either a round or a square shape and are best used to untangle tresses and smooth out locks.

Vent brush

If frizzy hair is your problem then untangling it and dealing with it is what the vent brush does best. Ideal for medium or short length hair, this brush can also be used as a tool for blow-drying owing to the fact that it has tiny vents built into its design. These vents, in turn, reduce drying time.

Round metal brush


Round metal hair brushes are the best when you want to add volume to mane during blow drying. They are available in many sizes and you should choose a size based on which look you desire. Also, there are some new technologically advanced types of round metal brushes which are ionic and ceramic; these help cut drying time without compromising on styling.



Fundamentally, there are two types of combs, namely, the fine tooth and the wide tooth. Both serve very different purposes; the wide tooth comb is ideal for detangling hair when wet. Fine tooth combs, on the other hand, is ideal for finer hair, and can also be used as a tool for teasing thick hair.

Teasing brush


The teasing brush is great for ‘back-brushing’ and really helps add volume to your hair, in specific sections. Using this brush, you can tease the hair on the top of your head and create very chic up-dos. Typically, these brushes are rectangular in shape and their bristles are tightly packed together.

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