Understanding Hair Damage & Curing It

You may have heard that if you cut your hair frequently it is going to grow faster. We separate the myth from reality for you.

Hair damage. We all face it sometime or the other. Quite often we don’t realize how we are damaging it in the first place. We’ve gathered a few tips to keep your hair healthy and helping cure damaged hair.

Split end

It may often break your heart to see that your hair is breaking or has split ends. Truth is that the two most common results of unhealthy and bad hair is breakage and split ends. Breakage happens when the cuticle gradually withers away exposing the cortex, thus degrading the cortex too. Split ends usually occur when large areas of the cuticle have split away, showing the cortex underneath. These are the two major symptoms of damaged hair. But what causes these symptoms? 

Chemically Damaged Hair

Perms and relaxers can cause severe damage to hair. The chemicals used in these products break the disulphide bonds in your hair. The hair is then formed into its new shape and then neutralized- fixing the hair permanently in its new shape. These perms and relaxers allow you to change the shape of your hair but at what cost? Hair colour also causes damaged hair.

The Sun

The sun is essential for life, but you would be doing your hair a favor by keeping it out of the sun.  The ultraviolet rays in sunlight break down the keratin protein in the hair, affecting the cuticle in the same way as bleach does. Sun is especially harmful to coloured hair and causes light streaks and dryness.

Every day Wear and tear

Vigorous combing, especially of wet and tangled hair can cause immense damage to hair. Metal combs and backcombing are to be avoided as excessive use of force could lead to the hair cuticle itself being ripped out.

Heat is an obvious cause of dryness of hair, because it robs the hair of its moisture which is essential to the luster and lush feel of hair. If hair is heated too much, the water inside the hair boils and forms bubbles inside the softened hair shaft.

Damage Control

Prevention is better than cure. More so when it comes to hair because once the cuticle is significantly damaged, it cannot recover completely to what it was originally. Here are some tips to keep your hair looking glamorous all the time.

  • Keep your hair protected from the sun by wearing a hat. Not only are you protecting your hair, but you are also making a fashion statement at the same time.
  • When using hair styling tools which heat up your hair, keep them at the lowest possible temperature. This will keep your hair healthy looking and soft.
  • Not all hair is the same- understand your hair and the products it needs.
  • Do not lighten or darken your hair more than it can tolerate. Avoid colouring your hair more than two shades darker or two shades lighter than it already is.
  • Do not try to correct previous mistakes. If you have suffered a hair disaster, wait for your hair to grow out before you do anything else. Getting it cut or coloured again immediately will cause your hair to undergo unnecessary damage.
  • Condition your hair frequently. Conditioning improves the weatherproofing of the cuticle and improves the moisture content of damaged hair.

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