Tried and Tested: 5 Treatements for Dry Scalp

Even though dry scalp is one of the most common skin conditions, those of us who have it, feel embarrassed, helpless and alone. We did some research, tried everything out there, and came down to five remedies that will help you wash away the flakes for good.

Stay away from hot showers.

Dry scalps get worse in cold weather, when all you want to do is stand under a hot shower. And there’s nothing better than letting that water run over your head and onto your body. But be careful. Hot water irritates and dries out your scalp even further. So use warm water when washing your hair, and if you can bare it, make the last rinse cold.

Be consistent.

Use products specialized in treating dandruff and dry scalp. Check out Head & Shoulders range of dandruff shampoos and conditioners. And try to be consistent, using it every time you wash your hair. Know that these products are no longer only for fighting dry scalp. They also offer moisture, oil control, and instant relief, to name a few, just like all the other non-dandruff products out there.  

Shampoo correctly

Wash your hair in circular motions. Be gentle, massaging the scalp to ensure the removal of dead skin cells. Be careful to not scratch your head, even if you have an itchy scalp, because you will irritate the scalp. Leave the shampoo in for a minute or two, to give it a chance to do it’s work.

Rinse, rinse, rinse.

Be careful to not leave any shampoo or conditioner in your hair. The leftovers will irritate your scalp. Your hair needs to be residue-free when you step out of that shower. If you notice it’s not, and you have no time to get back in, lean your head over the sink and rinse it through one more time. It’s better than having an itchy head for the rest of the day.

The Little things.

Brush your hair. Obviously, you will say. Yes, but brush it often. The hairbrush pushes the oils from your scalp and roots where they are a flaky nusance, and onto the rest of your hair where it is welcome. Stay hydrated, eat foods with healthy fats like salmon, avocados and walnuts. And try not to stress.

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