7 Amazing Home Remedies To Treat Hair Dye Allergy

If you’ve skipped a hair dye allergy test and gone straight to colouring, you might have suffered from hair dye allergy. Itching, irritation, dry skin, redness… any or all of these are hair dye allergies. But there are easy home remedies to treat the issues.

You cross your 30s and before any other sign of age comes up, out comes the first grey hair. Then another, and another, then a few together and before you know it, you begin to consider colouring your hair. The decision isn’t easy, what with so many brands floating in the market. You naturally choose the best.

Your only mistake is in applying the colour without a small patch test. Hello hair dye allergy!

Recognising hair dye allergy symptoms is easy. You feel itching, dryness, swelling and a general irritation of your scalp. The symptoms might seem small but they can take over your life.

Are there any quick home remedies for hair dye allergy? Yes, there are plenty and we’ve chosen the 7 best home remedies there are.

But before you start, first wash your hair clear of all leftover hair dye to prevent any further irritation. And now, choose between:

7 Home Remedies To Treat Hair Dye Allergy:

#1 Lemon juice and yogurt

Lemon juice has anti-inflammatory properties that can offer you intense relief from the itching. And lactic acid in the yogurt helps speed up the healing process.

Steps To Make Lemon & Yogurt Hair Mask:

  1. Make a hair mask with half a cup of yogurt mixed with 2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice.
  2. Apply it to your hair and scalp.
  3. Wash it off after 15-20 minutes with a mild shampoo. We recommend Pantene Pro V Total Damage Care Shampoo.

#2 Honey

Honey is nature’s healing agent. When mixed with olive oil it soothes and reduces inflammation.

Steps To Make Honey Mask:

  1. Mix one tablespoon each of honey and olive oil.
  2. Apply this to your scalp and wash off after 30 minutes with a mild shampoo.

#3 Coconut oil

Coconut oil moisturises and soothes an irritated scalp.

Steps To Make Coconut Oil Mask:

  1. Massage your scalp with coconut oil.
  2. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Wash it out with a mild shampoo.

#4 Baking soda

The alkaline properties of baking soda offer quick relief from an allergic reaction.

Steps To Make Baking Soda Mask:

  1. Make a paste with 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda, your shampoo and water.
  2. Apply this paste to your scalp and leave for 30 minutes, then wash off.

#5 Mint

Mint is as delicious and cooling for an irritated scalp as it is for a parched throat on a hot, summer day.


  1. Fill a thick-bottomed pan with water, add a fistful of mint leaves to it and boil for about 10 minutes.
  2. After the decoction cools down, dip a cotton ball in it and gently rub it on the irritated scalp.
  3. To enhance the effect, you can even freeze the decoction and rub the ice cubes on your scalp.

#6 Apple cider vinegar

Another tried and tested hair dye allergy treatment is apple cider vinegar. The acidic properties of the vinegar cleanse your scalp and hasten healing.

  1. Rinse your scalp with diluted apple cider vinegar.

#7 Olive oil

Applied regularly, olive oil can soothe skin and reduce the discomfort of a hair dye allergy.

Apply a few drops of olive oil to the irritated areas 2-3 times a day.

Now that you know how to handle an allergic reaction to hair dye treatment, don’t suffer just to hide a few greys, treat it.

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