Hairstyle and Hair Cuts According To Your Face Shape

When you look back at your college pictures you more often than not cringe at the haircut that passed off as stylish. You had no idea what to get done and went with the latest trend without even considering whether it flattered you or not.

The key to getting the perfect haircut lies in knowing your face shape. Round, oval or square, there are haircuts that are meant for each of these face shapes and these shapes alone.

What shape is your face?

You know your face is ovalif your brow, cheeks and jaw are almost the same width, but if the width is the same as the length, then yourface is round in shape. If the height and breadth of your face is equal, you have a square shaped face. Now that you know your face shape, the next question on your mind must be “which hairstyle suits me?”

Here’s our list of top three hairstyles for every face shape.

Haircuts for round face

Asymmetrical Bobthis-haircut-is-just-for-you-1

Give your face a lift with an uneven cut. Cut it in a mix of varying lengths, create a deep side parting and your face will look slimmer.

Layered bob


If you have to keep your hair above your shoulders, go in for a soft, layered bob. Keep it intentionally tousled for the chic look. 

Long layers


A round face can also carry off a centre parting very well. Trim your hair so that a few layers frame your face, covering the jawline.

Haircuts for oval face

Centre part


An oval face has a symmetry that looks good with a centre parting and shoulder length hair. To add softness, take random sections of your hair and wrap them around a curling iron to make waves.

Bob with side bangs

Explore the charm of side bangs and a collarbone-length cut. Use gel to keep the hair in place.

Blunt bangs

Draw attention away from the long look by having straight cut bangs sweep across your forehead. This breaks the length by creating the impression of width.

Haircut for square face

Tousled shag

A shaggy, layered cut looks great on a square face. It takes attention away from the square-ness and softens the face.

Wavy ends

For hair that is jawline long or longer, adding waves to your hair can hide the edges of your face.

Use a large round brush to give your hair the wave and bounce.

Long and straight

Poker straight hair can also hide and soften the square face. The straight lines open the face, taking attention away from the jawline. 

Everybody’s gone through bad hairstyles, either of their own choice or as mute victims when they were younger. But history is history, and knowing the shape of your face will help you get better haircuts from now on.

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