Learn Which Pixie Cut Will Suit Round, Long, Square or Heart Shape Face

Short hair doesn’t have to be a boy cut or a tomboy look. Chop your hair in a pixie cut and totally rock this very feminine and sexy hairstyle.

There was a time when sporting a short haircut meant being limited to boy cuts or tomboyish styles. Not anymore. The pixie cut is here to spice things up.

A pixie cut is a short haircut, but with a zing. Instead of having the same length all over, the pixie cut makes things interesting with short strands at the back and on the sides, while leaving longer locks in the front.

The style isn’t very old. It was sometime around the 1950s that women experimented with this look. Today several celebrities, young and old, are seen flaunting their sexy styles for all to follow.

As stylish as it is, the pixie cut is actually super easy to maintain. You can just go with a wash-and-leave for a casual outing or, if you want, style it carefully for a special occasion.

You might wonder is if there’s just one pixie cut that works for all. Absolutely not. There are carefully-curated pixie cuts depending on the shape of your face.

Tips To Get Pixie Haircut According To Your Face Shape

1. If you’ve got a round face:
You need something to make your face appear longer. Create volume and height at the crown by cutting your hair in multiple layers. You can increase the height to as much as you want to. While getting a pixie cut for round face, avoid short bangs as those tend to reduce the created height.

2. Heart-shaped faces look good with:
Similar to the round shape, your focus has to be on adding height. Keep the sides flat and add fringes to soften the wider forehead. These can be across your forehead or side-swept. Women with a small face, bright eyes and defined cheekbones look stunning in this cut.

3. Be square:
The need is to soften the harshness of the angular lines of your face. A layered cut works best. Whatever you do, stay away from blunt cuts, and straight and thick bangs. Go in for side-swept bangs and don’t get a long pixie cut. Instead, let your haircut extend just below your jaw line.

4. Do you have an oval face?
You are the luckiest of them all. There are many options for those looking for a pixie cut for long face. We recommend the bold look, with a fringe on the crown for volume. You can use the fringes to draw attention towards your features and to highlight your cheek bones and lips. The fringe can be bold and across your forehead or it can be swept off to one side.

5. For those with balanced faces:
You lucky woman, there is no feature that you need to hide or accentuate. We suggest the short bob pixie haircut. Keep the cut short at the nape, and retain the thickness on the top and sides. Experiment with the style and if you want; get short bangs over your fore head which highlight your cheek bones, or push them back to focus on the forehead that is neither too small nor too large.

Pro-Tip: Yes, we know that you want to get a pixie cut because it is a low maintenance hairstyle, however, you need to use a good shampoo and conditioner to maintain your hair health. Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care is a good option to get smooth, gorgeous hair!

Are you ready to go chic with the pixie look? Identify your face cut and jump right in.

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