Learn How To Make 3 Of Your Favourite Essential Hair Oils At Home

Do you like essential oils, but cringe in horror when you see the neat bomb they cost? You can say goodbye to commercially made products and make your favourite essential oil at home, with practically zero effort.

Those aromatic oils they use at spas or salons, is there any way you can get them? Yes, you can purchase them in stores or online, but why would you want an expensive bottle of essential oil when you can easily make one at home, that too at less than half the price?

And since you know exactly what you’re putting into it, homemade hair growth oil is a healthier option than anything else available in the market.

Homemade hair oil isn’t rocket science. It just requires a little knowledge and some basic kitchen skills. And we’ll offer you both. To learn how to make hair oil at home, you just need a few ingredients. Most of these you’ll already have at home otherwise it might require a quick trip to the closest market.

How To Make 3 Essential Hair Oils At Home:

#1 Mint oil

An aromatic oil that will refresh you while nourishing your hair is within reach with this recipe.


-A glass bottle

-A container with lid

-A bottle of almond oil

-A sprig of fresh mint leaves

-A fine muslin cloth


  1. Wash and dry the glass bottle.
  2. Full wash the mint leaves, crush them a bit and place in the container.
  3. Pour almond oil over the leaves, drowning them fully.
  4. Shut the container and place it near a window making sure it gets sunlight. Shake it every now and then.
  5. After 2-3 days pour the now mint-infused oil into the glass bottle by straining it through the muslin cloth.
  6. Keep the oil in a cool and dry place, and use it for as long as you want.

#2 Herbal hair oil 

You can make homemade ayurvedic oil for hair growth with some of the most common ingredients from your kitchen. Kadipatta, for starters. Read on to know how you can create aromatic herbal oil in your kitchen.


-Curry leaves (Kadipatta)

-Neem leaves

-Tulsi leaves

-Methi seeds (fenugreek)

-A bottle of almond oil

-A vessel for boiling

-A jar/bottle with lid

-A fine muslin cloth


  1. Wash and dry the glass jar thoroughly.
  2. Wash all the leaves thoroughly.
  3. Take an equal quantity of all leaves and crush them together.
  4. Mix the almond oil, the crushed leaves and a few methi seeds in the vessel and heat the mixture until it boils.
  5. Turn off the heat, cover with a lid and let it cool down.
  6. Filter the cooled oil using the muslin cloth and store it in the glass bottle.
  7. You can store the oil at room temperature.

#3 Lemon oil

The last in our list of homemade essential oils is lemon oil. This oil helps cut grease in hair and is also good for relieving headaches.


-1-2 lemons

-A grater

-A glass bowl

-A small glass bottle

-A bottle of olive oil


-An airtight container


  1. Smell the lemon. Yummy, isn’t it?
  2. Grate the outer skin of the lemons into the bowl.
  3. Place the lemon zest in the glass bottle until it is half full.
  4. Top up the bottle with the olive oil.
  5. Place the bottle near a window, some place where it’ll get a lot of sunlight.
  6. Shake it regularly.
  7. After a few days, strain the oil into an airtight container.
  8. Store it at room temperature and it is ready to be used.

All these remedies of homemade hair oil for faster hair growth will be at your fingertips soon. Which one is your favourite? For best results we recommend washing your hair with Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care nourishing shampoo.

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