Let Your Hair Be Lice-free With these 3 Homemade Remedies

Lice, although not dangerous, multiplies quickly and spreads fast. Apart from actually having head lice in your hair, you have to deal with the itchiness, the nits (lice eggs) and the general discomfort that comes with this situation. How do you solve this problem? By checking out these three excellent home remedies for lice.

It’s a regular day, all is well, except for a persistent itch on your scalp and the unshakable feeling that there is something moving in your hair. All of a sudden, you discover a louse, and before you know it, you’ve got a full blown case of lice. However! There’s no need to panic. Lice – or PediculusHumanusCapitas – isn’t serious or life threatening. However, it does lead to itchiness, discomfort and is easily spread. Contain the threat of lice, with these 3 amazing home remedies for head lice.

Garlic and Lime

Garlic isn’t just used to ward off evil, it’s equally effective in driving away head lice. Due to its strong smell, it suffocates the lice on your head, effectively immobilising them. For this remedy,

1)      Take 10 freshly peeled cloves of garlic and mash them together.

2)     Add two to three teaspoons of lime juice.

3)     Apply it on your scalp thoroughly and leave it in on for half an hour.

4)     Wash your hair thoroughly with warm water –rinsing this mixture out.


1)      Grind garlic cloves, lime juice, green tea, shampoo and conditioner till it forms a thick paste.

2)     Coat your hair with this mixture and leave it on your hair for half an hour.

3)     Wash your hair with normal shampoo.

You’ll need to carry out this home remedy every day for one or two weeks.

Almond or Olive Oil

Both Almond Oil and Olive Oil are excellent remedies that stop lice in their tracks and smother them (this makes them easier to find and remove with a comb.)

1)      You can either coat your hair or the comb with either of these oils.

2)     Separate the hair into smaller sections with clips.

3)     Comb out the lice from each section and kill them.

4)     Keep running the comb under hot water.

5)     Once you are done combing your hair, rinse it thoroughly with warm water.

6)     Clean the comb and towel thoroughly.

Carry this remedy out for everyday of the week.

Mayonnaise or Vaseline

Mayonnaise and Vaseline are chock full of oil and are thick in nature, which helps in smothering the lice.

1)      Coat you hair with a thick layer of Mayonnaise or Vaseline.

2)     Cover your hair with a shower cap, or wrap a towel around it.

3)     Leave it overnight or for a minimum of eight hours.

4)     Shampoo the Mayonnaise / Vaseline out of your hair

5)     Part your hair with clips and comb out the lice – section by section.

Add to the efficacy of each of these remedies by using a lice comb. When it comes to lice, it’s important to remember that it takes time. You have to follow the remedy for the specified period of time, before it resolves itself. All you need is a little patience, constant care and before you know it, the lice will be gone.If you are looking for simpler method, then try apply onion juice on your scalp. The benefits of onion for hair are innumerable, of which, lice control is one.

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