Get Naturally Straight Hair In Just 7 Steps With Milk Hair Mask

So, you’ve tried every anti-frizz serum in the catalogue but still wake up every morning looking like a mythical monster? Or perhaps, you just want straight hair but are reluctant to put your tresses through re-bonding or smoothening or whatever else they’re calling it these days? Great! You’re going to like the news we have for you.

If you’ve been doing your homework on taming your tresses, you’re probably already aware of the many benefits of milk for hair (err, whey protein, calcium, phosphorous, you name it). But what’s even cooler is that you can now save on all the money that would otherwise go into expensive hair treatments and products (not to mention exposure to chemicals) by making yourself this tried and tested milk hair mask to sort out your unmanageable mane woes.


What You Will Need:

  1. 1/3rd cup milk. Ideally, coconut milk but really, any milk should do. Additionally, you can add a bit of strawberry or banana to this mixture if you’re so inclined. But this is optional. You may also use milk powder if milk isn’t available. Just stir in a packet of milk powder in a cup of water and you’re sorted.
  2. You’re going to need a clean, empty spray can.
  3. And a wide-toothed comb.

That’s all. Simple enough, yes? Now here’s how to straighten your hair naturally with milk. Pay attention!

Steps to Straighten Hair With Milk:

  1. Wash your hair without shampoo.
  2. Once it’s damp or completely dry, fill your empty spray can with the milk and any extra ingredients and thoroughly spray your hair all the way from the roots to the tips. Make sure it touches your scalp and every part of your hair. You don’t want part-straightened-part-wavy hair!
  3. Massage the milk mask into your hair and run the wide-toothed comb through it, untangling any curls or knots.
  4. Leave it on for at least twenty minutes while you shave your legs, trim your nails or do just about anything else.
  5. Once the milk has completely soaked in, wash it off with Pantene Pro-V Lively Clean Shampoo. Make sure to rinse thoroughly or the milk might leave an acrid smell that’s difficult to get rid of.
  6. Make sure the water is cold. Warm water might damage the hair at this stage.
  7. You should notice the difference (shiny, straight hair!) once your hair is dry.

Milk for hair straightening works best on wavy hair and not so much if your hair is naturally curly or if you’ve got a perm. Nevertheless, if frizz is a problem, you’ll find that milk goes a long way in ironing out the mess even if it doesn’t completely straighten it. You can use this milk mask as often as you want to, to notice a visible difference in shine and smoothness! 

If you are still unsure of this method, you can learn how to straighten hair naturally without heating appliances, here at Reward Me.

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