5 Step Half Bun Hairstyle Tutorial For The Lazy Days

The half bun has become increasingly popular and is easy to pull off too.

The half bun hairstyle or ‘hun’ as they call it in certain circles, is sweeping its way across the world. From actors to musicians to artists, everyone is sporting this trendy hairstyle. But how did it become a trend really? And where did it all begin? Well, here’s a timeline we put together just for you.

Timeline of the Half-Bun Hairstyle

The men from the M?ori tribe began to use bone or wooden combs to style their hair in a tikitiki, which is very similar to the half bun.

Married men began to knot their hair in a bun on the top of their heads during the Joseon Dynasty in Korea.

The Edo Period in Japan witnessed the emergence of a hairstyle called chonmage, wherein the entire head, except for a bunch of hair tied on the top, was shaven.

Audrey Hepburn wore a topknot to a movie gala in Paris.

Aretha Franklin does the perfect classic do.

Gwen Stefani, the stylish singer from No Doubt, makes the topknot edgy.

Kate Bosworth sports a braided high bun on the red carpet for the first time ever.

Actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Hemsworth and Jared Leto start a trend called the man bun.

The topknot and man bun evolve into the half bun.

Tools You Need:

  • Elastic hair ties
  • Small rubber bands
  • Bobby pins
  • Comb

How To Make A Half Bun Hairstyle

Step 1: This style needs the hair with a fresh lively bounce, so wash your hair with a cleansing shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Lively Clean

Step 2: Start by combing your hair to the back.

Step 3: Use a tail comb to create a section of your hair. 

Step 4: Tie this hair into a neat ponytail at your crown.

Step 5: Split the ponytail into equal parts and braid them around each other by twisting the individual section. 

Step 6: Once your braid is ready, fasten it with an elastic band.

Step 7: Finally roll the braid tightly into a bun at your crown and set it with bobby pins. Your braided bun is ready to flaunt.

Pro-Tip: Dandruff is major problem that plaques many and can ruin your half bun hairstyle! You can try doing coconut oil massage or applying multani mitti hair pack to prevent emergence of dandruff in your half bun hairstyle. Alternatively, you can also use these 20 essential hair oils to get rid of dandruff permanently.

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