5 Tips To Get Voluminous & Bouncy Hair

Fine Asian hair can sometimes look flat and lifeless. It doesn’t help that the humid tropical weather often causes even the most carefully put-together hairstyle to go limp when you step out of the house. But there are ways to give your roots some lift, even when the odds are against you. Master these techniques and tricks to give yourself bouncy shampoo-ad-worthy locks every day.

Use volumising shampoo

Wash your hair with a volumising shampoo to help give more body to your locks. When conditioning, apply the product to the ends of your hair only as the moisturising ingredients may cause hair to go flat at the crown.

Dry shampoo on alternate days

Ultra-clean hair tends to stick flat to the crown of the head. On days when you’re not likely to sweat too much, skip shampooing in the shower and use a dry shampoo instead. The powder helps to lift the roots of your hair so it doesn’t look so limp.

Refresh your hair

For a midday perk-me-up, dust some baby powder into your hair and let it sit for a few minutes to absorb any grease, then brush the powder out. Not only will your strands look fuller, but the powder will also get rid of any unwanted food scents you may have picked up during your lunch hour.

Use the right styling products

Avoid using greasy, oil-based styling products as these will make your hair look even more limp. If necessary, use a lightweight serum only on your hair’s dry or frizzy sections.
Spritz sea salt spray onto freshly shampooed, semi-dry hair at the roots to give your locks some texture. You can leave your hair to air-dry, but blow-drying your tresses will give you the best result.

Dry your hair upside down

When blow-drying, flip your tresses upside down by resting your torso on your thighs and dropping your head towards the floor. Direct the blow-dryer from the nape of your neck towards the crown. Focus on blasting the roots to give them more lift.

Another technique you can try is drying your hair against your natural hair parting. Once you are done, flip your hair back to its original parting for an instant volume boost. Also, check out how to get shiny and gorgeous tresses by using curd (dahi) for hair here.

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