How To Make Chinese Staircase Braid

The Chinese Staircase Braid may be best known for adorning those handmade friendship bracelets but interestingly enough, the same principle of weaving and knotting can also be applied to hair. Learn how to make a Chinese staircase ponytail in 5 simple steps.

The Chinese staircase braid may be one of the more complicated braid styles out there but there are few better ways to jazz up a ponytail for medium or long locks.

Chinese Staircase Braid in 5 Steps:

Things required: 

To get started, all you need is:

  • a moisturizing shampoo
  • a couple of elastic bands
  • a brush
  • a comb

Create Chinese Ponytail with Proper Tools - Reward Me

Step 1:

Start by washing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo that will enhance natural shine. Blow-dry and brush your hair into a side ponytail.

Wash Your Hair - Reward Me

Step 2:

Take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the hairband. Once you have made it back to the beginning, leave a small gap and loop the end of the hair through, creating a small knot.

Wrap Hair with Hairband - Reward Me

Step 3:

Add another piece of hair to the end of the section that came through the knot and then repeat the process. Push up the emerging braid as it?s being knotted to hide any gaps, or if shabby chic is more your thing, leave it as it is.

Add Another Piece of Hair - Reward Me

Step 4:

Keep knotting your hair until you get to the end of the ponytail. Be sure to smooth down any flyaway hairs with some gel as you go along. The last thing you want is tufts of hair sticking out from all sides. Secure the end with another elastic band. 

Knot Your Hair - Reward Me

Step 5:

And that's how you make a Chinese Staircase Ponytail Braid for grown-ups in 5 simple steps.

Secure Hair with a Elastic Band - Reward Me

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