10 Tips To Make Hair Coloring & Highlighting At Home Easy

Thinking about getting colour highlights at home but worried about the process or damaging your hair? Then, check out our 10 tips to give yourself the safe and stunning hair highlights!

So you've decided to get your hair highlights at home? Great decision! They enhance your hair, give the appearance of volume and are a welcome change from your natural hair colour. However, adding those highlights to your hair can be a tricky process. Will it damage your hair? What colour should you choose? (Particularly for Indian hair highlights) What is the process? Will it last for a long time?

10 tips get hair highlights at home!

1. Preparation is key - Highlighting is a process that requires a steady hand and manageable hair, so the first step is to detangle your hair. Make sure you don't wash your hair for a day before highlighting it. However, at the same time, don't leave it unwashed for days and then start.

2. Choose a Clarifying Shampoo - This step isn't an absolute must, but since you want the best results, you should give it a shot. In this case, we recommend washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Sometimes the product buildup can alter the colour of highlights in your hair, so choose a clarifying shampoo to decrease the chances of something going wrong.

3. Make a Highlighting Kit - If this is your first time, make sure you have all the necessary apparatus. This includes the colour, special applicator, instructions, a comb, foil and a cap.

4. Choosing Your Colour - This is a vital step. Your highlights must enhance your natural hair colour. For dark hair, choose light brown or golden highlights. Medium brown or light brunette hair looks great with dark gold highlights and natural blondes should choose light colours, like a few silvery streaks. Whatever your shade, choose your hair colour highlights wisely.

5. Where Do You Want Your Highlights - Choose your spot. Do you want them around your face, or streaking down the back of your hair? Think it through before you make that choice!

6. Practice - Remember that old saying - 'practice makes perfect'? It works for highlights too! A day or two before, pin up your hair and practice with the highlight brush. Use conditioner, in place of the colouring agent, on your dry hair. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the tools and to understand where you want your highlights in your hair.

7. Protect Your Skin: Before you start, make sure you apply a skin protector on your forehead, around your hairline and on your ears to protect your skin from any bleaching elements of the highlights.

8. Highlight In Layers - When you start to highlight your hair, pin up the sections that you want highlighted. As you highlight them, let them down on by one. Start from the back on the bottom layers and then work your way to the front. Place pieces of aluminum foil between the sections you want highlighted to avoid smudging or colour transference!

9. Lasting Longer - What can you do to make your highlights last longer? Allow the dye to set in your hair for a day or two. While you have to wash the acid off your hair within 10 to 30 minutes, it is strongly advised that you wait to wash your hair for the second time!

10. Consult With A Pro - Since this is your first time highlighting your hair, it's good to visit a professional to even out your highlights or change any other aspects of your highlights that you need fixed. This way you can easily maintain them for longer.

Now that you know what you need to do for those fabulous highlights, pick up your brush, choose your colour and work your magic. Happy highlighting!!Also, learn how to colour your hair with natural ingredients here.

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