Hair Wisdom: What we Wish we Knew at our Daughter’s Age

Over the years, your hair has been through everything in the book. After using too much hairspray or drying out your hair with too much heat, you now treat your hair with the respect it deserves. You look at your daughter’s beautiful healthy locks, and can’t help but write her a letter of advice.

Dear baby girl,

You’re no longer a baby, and the peachy fuzz that covered your head when you were first born, is now a gorgeous mane of hair, full of life and shine. I know you will go through phases where you will hate it, you will want to do everything possible to change it. I can’t ask you not to, but I can tell you a few things that happened to me.

In my 20s, I dyed my hair a different color every month. It was then that I realized, that pink, black and auburn, are colors more suitable for clothes, not hair. And that dyes applied that often, can and will destroy the health and quality of hair.

This health and quality can only be brought back if you use the correct products to care for your hair. You must respect and nourish it, for otherwise, it will fail you. Try Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect, it’s worked wonders for me over the years.

On a particulary humid summer night, I was getting ready for a date with your father. The straightening iron was losing to the power of water in the air, and no matter how many times I ran it through my bangs, they’d frizz back up. So I decided to keep it there without moving, hoping to iron them straight. Guess what, it burnt them. Never apply too much heat to your hair. You can run a few drops of oil through your hair to ease the frizz.

Too much hair product is a bad thing. Remember that photo of me in college, with crimped hair cemented into place by an entire bottle of hairspray? It always makes you laugh. You should have seen the look on your father’s face when he tried to touch it. I threw the crimping iron out that day.

As I got older, I realized that a haircut that suits me, that is relatively easy to manage, that goes well with my hair texture, is the most important thing to keep me feeling secure and proud of my hair. I care for it, I moisturize it, I avoid over-heating it, I feed it love.

Today, I look at your young hair and it is full of life, shine and health. Love it and take care of it, and it is bound to stay that way. Mother’s promise.



If you were to write a letter to your daughter about your hair mishaps and successes, what would it say?

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