How To Get Rid Of Hair Fungal Infection - Top 5 Home Remedies

How To Get Rid Of Hair Fungal Infection - Top 5 Home Remedies

No more embarrassment due to hair fungus! Keep in mind that it’s a disease like any other. Try some of these home remedies.

Hair fungus is your scalp’s cry for help. Dirt, pollution, oil and dead cells have clogged its pores, and the scalp can’t get rid of the fungus it attracted. The itchy-scratchy feeling and the flakes have taken over your head and your life. You also seem to lose a lot of hair because fungus makes your scalp tender and your hair fragile.

Yes, I know it can be quite embarrassing and annoying, not to mention, a miserable existence, but there are several treatments for hair fungal infection, many of them sitting in your home. I do not recommend using commercially available, off-the-counter products. Who knows what chemicals those contain? Also, they mostly attack the symptoms and do not take care of the problem.

Top 5 Home Remedies To Treat Hair Fungus

#1 Lemon

You know lemon juice is good for your hair. It keeps it healthy and gives it a healthy shine. It also works as hair fungus treatment.


  1. Add 3-4 tablespoons to one cup of lukewarm water
  2. After you wash your hair like you always do, wash your hair with this solution
  3. And then, as a final rinse, pour cold water on your head to close your scalp pores
  4. Don’t use this therapy more than once a week though

#2 Coconut oil

The fatty acids in coconut oil can evict the fungus that has made its home in your scalp. Applied regularly, in a few weeks, the fungus will make a quiet exit, leaving behind a healthier and nourished scalp.


  1. Take the purest form of coconut oil that you can get.
  2. Apply it deep into your scalp and hair, massaging it for a few minutes.
  3. Leave it overnight and wash your hair the next morning. Use Head & Shoulder Dry Scalp Care With Almond Oil shampoo to tackle the flakes.
  4. Do this 2-3 times a week.
  5. You can also add a few drops of neem oil to the remedy.

#3 Garlic and honey

Garlic’s strong antifungal properties combine with honey’s soothing power to help you fight the fungal infection in hair.


  1. Crush 5-6 garlic cloves and let them sit in their own juice for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Now add 5-6 tablespoons of honey to this.
  3. Smear this mixture on your scalp and massage it thoroughly for a few minutes.
  4. Let the pack work its magic for 10 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly.
  5. Shampoo your hair as usual to remove all traces of the pack.
  6. You can easily try this remedy 2 times a week.

#4 Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the most multi-purpose home ingredient there is. It will not only kill the fungus, but will also help in the recovery of your scalp skin.


  1. Add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar to 4 cups of water.
  2. Wash your hair with this solution before shampooing your hair.
  3. You can try this easy remedy 2-3 times a week.

#5 Raw papaya

This sweet orange fruit contains an antifungal enzyme. Found in many commercial products, you can now get the same benefit at home.


  1. Mash 2-3 pieces of raw papaya and apply on the fungus-affected parts of your scalp.
  2. Let it remain for 15-20 minutes until it dries.
  3. Wash your hair like you normally would.
  4. Try this hair fungus home remedy at least once a week.

Fighting hair fungus is possible with these remedies. To prevent getting it again, make sure you do not share pillows, pillow covers, combs, hairbrushes, towels, etc. with anybody.

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