Learn to Increase Hair Volume With These 10 Hair Thickening Tips

Learn to Increase Hair Volume With These 10 Hair Thickening Tips

Limp hair and hair loss affects the way you are perceived and your confidence tends to take a big hit.

While some hair loss is inevitable, losing massive hair volume due to hair loss needs to be curbed. For this, first and foremost, the causes need to be identified. Research suggests that the most common factors contributing to hair thinning are physical stress, emotional stress, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, pollution, allergies, strong chemical hair care products and treatments, a bad hair care routine, and well, something you can’t really blame yourself for; heredity.

So, if you’re wondering how to get thick hair and how to increase hair volume, these 10 tips will help combat hair thinning and give you the bouncy mane you’ve always wanted to flaunt.

Be Picky About Hair Products

Remember, you must shun excess build-up caused by hair products if you want great volume. Also, don’t succumb to using every new product that hits the shelves; be selective and take a careful look at the ingredients and if they help boost hair volume.

Good Haircut. Great Hair Volume.

Cutting your long tresses in layers will do wonders to add extra hair volume. So, make sure you mention to the hairstylist that you’re looking to build volume.

Heated Rollers Work

This is a really effective quick fix that instantly boosts hair volume. Remember to warp the heated rollers around your hair in segments and also remember that larger the roller, greater the hair volume.

Blow Drying Also Works

Blow drying, though used primarily to dry hair, also dramatically increases your hair volume. To achieve this, use a large, round brush and brush your tresses from inside to outside.

Hair Colour Helps Hair Volume

Hair Colour doesn’t just add colour to your hair, it adds life through volume too. How? Well, on application your hair strands actually swell and become thicker. Take care to choose a non-abrasive hair colour though.

Be Pro Back Combing

This quick technique adds volume. Use a big-toothed comb to minimize pain and a quality hair spray to do the magic. If you’ve ever wondered how to increase hair density, this could be the answer you’re looking for.

Sleeping Beauty

Bathing can help increase hair volume too. Simply wash your hair and wrap it in a dry towel before hitting the sack. When you wake up the next morning, you will notice that you hair is visibly healthier and bouncier.

Healthy Diet for Healthy Voluminous Hair

A healthy diet is the solution to most human conditions. Include vitamins, minerals, folic acids etc. in your diet, and healthy, thick hair will just follow. Vitamin C especially, which is found in citrus fruits, aids keratin production, which in turn, helps your hair. Onions, when applied on the hair also promotes hair growth.

Scalp Massage to the Rescue

By increasing blood circulation through scalp massages, you will strengthen your hair. This, in turn, minimizes hair loss and boosts volume. For best results, massage your scalp with coconut oil twice a week. And when you do, be sure to wrap a warm towel around your hair for 15 minutes; this gives extra conditioning.

Trim for Volume

One of the most effective solutions to the problem of hair loss is trimming. In addition to making your hair strong and immune to damage, it also fixes split-ends. 

Expect not just more hair volume but a higher volume of head-turns too!

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