5 Hair Secrets That Will Save You Loads of Time

Squeezed for time in the morning? Most moms are. To look polished and ready to face the day, give these hair tips a go!

Time is precious in the morning: getting everyone dressed and ready to face the day means that your time is limited. With these 5 hair secrets, you will look polished and put together in minutes, leaving you time to chase up that lost library book and pack everyone’s lunches!

The right cut

Having your hair cut every couple of months will mean its in tip-top shape every day. Be honest with your hairdresser about the amount of time you can put into styling your do, so they can give you a cut that will match your needs. 

The perfect color

You might not think it, but the right hair color can elevate your hairstyle effortlessly. Not only can it add a spark to your look, it can also help make your hair look textured with little effort. Choose a light balayage technique that will add light and depth to your style, easily!

Overnight care

Wake up to perfect hair! Make your downtime work for you, by using Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Dry Oil with Vitamin E while you sleep. It will leave your hair shiny and smooth, with a weightless feel you will love!

Smooth it out

Too many flyaways and no time to wash and style again? Use an old toothbrush and a touch of hairspray to tame them into submission in 2 minutes flat.

Set up a quick-hair station

Only have a few minutes to get ready? Keep all your essential products, tools and accessories, like clips and hair bands together in one place to save time. Use a magnet to keep all your bobby pins together!   Also, check out 10 ways to use egg yolk for healthy hair here at our blog.

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