Hairstyles According to Different Face Types

Ever wondered why the same hairstyle can look so different? We tell all in our guide to face types & hairstyles.

Isn’t it amazing how the same hairstyle  looks so different on different people? You like the style of your favorite movie star’s hairdo that she wore at the premiere of her last movie and want to imitate it, only to find it doesn’t suit you. So how do you know if a hairstyle will suit you or not? Just look at the shape of your face. Your hairstyle compliments your face, so choose your hairstyle keeping the shape of your face in mind. Here is a comprehensive guide to the kinds of faces and the hairstyles that will and will not suit them.

Oval face

Oval faces are characterized by an egg shaped head where forehead and jaw are about the same width. Oval faces look great with almost all hairstyles regardless of the length. Experiment with curls, sleek and straight, romantic waves- they all look brilliant and bring out the symmetry of your features. Avoid very long fringes or forward directed styles as they may seem bottom heavy.

Round faces

A round face is a full looking face with a round chin and hairline. The widest point is at the cheeks. The best styles for a round face are ones that emphasizes the crown with fullness and height. Haircuts below the chin or longer with layered tops suit round faces perfectly. Try adding length to your face and drawing attention to your eyes with a short fringe. Using a curler will add structure to your hair and a straightener will keep the hair closer to your face. Avoid extremely curly hair, pony tails and chin cuts- they make your face look fuller than it already is.

Oblong faces

Oblong faces are ones that are long but not wide, with a high forehead and a narrow chin.  Short to medium hair with lots of structure and body will add width and volume to your face, accentuating your features. A soft wispy fringe will bring out the softness in your features. To balance your features, try parting your hair asymmetrically. Soft playful curls at the side of your face would suit you too. Too much length will give people the impression than your face is longer that what it actually is. Keep your hair above shoulder level and avoid styles without fringes.

Square face

Square faces are defined by a strong square jawline and an equally square forehead. You should focus on bringing out the softness of your features with waves or some roundness in the hair style. Curls compliment a square face the best, but you could also simply part your hair on the side with asymmetrical look that provides balance to the angles of your face.  Avoid styles with partings down the middle or straight bobs ending at the jaw line- they make your face appear overly hard. Long straight hair isn’t advisable either.

Heart shaped face

Heart shaped faces are those with wide foreheads tapering down towards the chin. People with these faces have a lot of potential to play around with their hair and highlight those prominent cheekbones. Soft, curly chin length styles which add volume to the bottom of the face are perfect. Naturally straight hair can be tweaked using a curler. A short bob style is best suited for this type of face. Avoid slicked back looks, height at the top and short, full styles as they make you look top- heavy by adding width to the upper part of your face.

Triangular faces

Triangular faces can be recognized by a strong wide jawline with narrow cheekbones and forehead- it is just the inverse of a heart shaped face. Use layers and structure to achieve fullness at the top of the head near the temples. Adding volume and width to the upper part of the face will emphasize your eyes and forehead. Curly heads can opt for cuts ending at the jawline.  Avoid long, full hairstyles that will overemphasize your jawline. Cutting your hair too short would draw attention away from your cheeks and forehead which is not advisable. Avoid centre partings and allow short hair to grow before you add body and structure to the upper part.Also, check out 3 classic Diwali hairstyles that you can definitely try this year here.

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