Dry Hair Needs Care - 11 Tips To Beat Dryness

Dry Hair Needs Care - 11 Tips To Beat Dryness

No more head scratching over a flaky scalp. No more embarrassment.

We’ve all dreamt of having the perfect hair – smooth, silky and shiny. Unfortunately, the daily wear and tear of life like pollution, stress, the weather, styling and a bad diet can contribute to dry hair. This in turn can lead to premature and heavy hair fall. While there are several treatments that can help with this problem, you only need to try out these 11 tips for dry hair to eliminate the problem. Let’s get started!

11 Must Follow Tips To Get Rid Of Dry Hair

1. Be gentle:

Dry hair can be very fragile, which is why it’s important to treat it gently. Rough handling can lead to split ends and breakage. So eliminate the need to scrub, tug  or pull at your hair when you’re washing or combing it. Hot water dries the hair our further. Be gentle and use your fingertips to spread the shampoo.

2. Air Dry:

Many of us love to use our hair dryers. They’re quick and they help us style our hair. Unfortunately the intense heat only makes hair more brittle – sapping it of moisture. Allow your hair to air dry. Although at first, you may not like the results, in a month’s time your hair will acquire its beautiful, moisturised and natural texture.

3. Comb: 

Most of us use a densely toothed brush to do the job of removing tangles. However, brushes are harsh on tangles and can cause damage and breakage. They also create more frizz, leaving your hair looking rough. Use a wide toothed comb to untangle hair when wet.Start from the tips and then move closer to the roots.

4. Limit Heat Styling:

Straightening, curling irons or hot rollersdamage and dry out hair. Switch to home remedies to achieve the same look. It may take a little more time, but gives your hair the break it needs.

5. Avoid Certain Hairstyles:

If you are nursing damaged hair, the last thing it needs is to be pulled, twisted or knotted into a particular style. The puts great strain on your hair and its roots and can even cause bald spots to occur.

6. Don’t Shampoo Everyday:

All that it ends up doing is drying hair out, stripping it of natural oils. You can condition and rinse your hair every night, but shampoo every alternate day at best.

7. Condition Your Hair:

Of all the dry hair care tips you have read till now, this is the most important. Conditioners add moisture, softness and sleekness.  For extreme cases of dryness, use a leave in conditioner or deep conditioning twice a week.

8. Make A Hair Mask:

A simple hair mask instantly and effectively brightens dull hair and reduces frizz. Mix 2 tablespoons honey, one mashed banana, 1 egg and 2 tablespoons of yoghurtand coat the wet strands of your hair. Eave on for 15 minutes and shampoo the mask out.

9. Hot Oil Massage:

This ensures proper hair care for dry hair. Warm some coconut, almond or olive oil and massage into your hair. The hot oil hydrates your strands and helps to restore moisture and the massage stimulates circulation of blood in the scalp, which helps hair to grow. Use the tips of your fingers and move in slow, circular motions.

10. Trim Your Hair:

A regular trim cuts out the dry and damaged ends giving room for newer and healthier hair to grow.

11. Protect Your Hair From The Weather:

Your hair is very susceptible to outside elements. Too much time in the sun can dry your hair and increase the frizz.  Wear a hat or a cap in sunny or cold dry weather. If you swim, wear a cap to protect from the chlorine in the pool. Remember prevention is better than cure.

Dry hair needs the right products to stay healthy and strong. Try Pantene’s protein enriched shampoos for smooth and strong hair. 

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