7 Essential Tips To Correctly Use Conditioner For Hair

Using hair conditioner seems really easy and straightforward doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t.

Conditioner smoothens your hair and helps detangle it. However, you must take care to use the right conditioner for hair, specifically for your type of hair, else you risk the possibility of it weighing your hair down and making it greasy. Also, completely skipping conditioner won’t do unless you want your hair to miss out on all the amazing benefits it offers.
By now you’re probably wondering how to use hair conditioner; well, read on to find out.

The Correct Way to Condition Your Hair

Step 1 – Take a little conditioner:

Take a tiny bit of conditioner on your palm. Pantene Pro-V Long Black Conditioner is a good product to repair hair damage and giving you long black hair.

Step 2 – Apply the conditioner on your hair:

Start applying it from your neck’s nape all the way to your hair tips, using your fingers to comb it.

Step 3 – When to rinse the conditioner:

Do not let the conditioner sit on your hair for more than a couple of minutes unless it is a leave-in conditioner, which doesn’t need to be rinsed out at all.

Step 4 – How to rinse the conditioner:

When rinsing out the conditioner use warm water and make sure you get all the conditioner out.

Step 5 - Post Rinsing Tip:

Once you’ve washed it out rinse your hair with cold water; it will add extra shine.

Step 6 – How to Dry Your Hair

Never squeeze the water out of your hair while drying. Instead blot it with a towel.

Pro-Tip 1: Do not blow-dry your hair; it will be counter-productive. Air-drying is the best option.

Pro-Tip 2: For oily hair, it is a good idea to avoid hydrating conditioners whereas, for dry hair you definitely need a moisturising and hydrating conditioner. Remember your hair type while buying a conditioner.

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