Wet Hair Pin Curls

Wet Hair Pin Curls Hairstyle Tutorial

Hairstyle done with damp or wet hair.

Archana challenged Pallavi to a hairstyle done with damp or wet hair. Pallavi readily accepted the challenge. Now, it’s for us to watch the video and find out if she’s able to make the cut. 

4 Step Pin Curl Hairstyle for Wet Hair

Step 1: Take a partition on one side of your wet hair

Step 2: Separate the section of hair from the back of partition. Pin the rest of the hair away from the partition.

Step 3: From the partition, take a section near your scalp and curl it with your fingers. Secure this with help of bobby pins.

Step 4: Repeat this process for other sections till you have styled 5 such pin curls. Your trendy pin curls hairstyle is ready!


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