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Wash your hair everyday? Or maybe not?

This is the true story. However unpleasant it sounds, your body secretes oils and cellular waste through your skin and hair. No wonder we use shampoo! Sebum (the oils and cellular waste), however, does have the important function of moisturizing your hair and skin, and making it water-resistant. If it was not for sebum, your skin would dry out and peel prematurely, which would expose new cells to the elements. Unfortunately, the build-up of sebum also causes an oily scalp and greasy hair. Something that is not immediately an option in our western culture. Unless you are not going to be around other people for about week, then you have to keep sebum in check.

How do you know whether you should wash your hair daily?

Take a strand of hair and ask yourself the following questions. Is it damaged? Is it dry? Is it dull? Do I have highlights? Then you do not need to wash your hair daily. However, if your scalp appears to be oily by the end of the evening (of the day that you washed it in the morning), and your hair has no volume left and is limp then your hair needs daily washing.


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If your hair appears greasy within 24 hours after washing.

Then you are definitely a candidate for washing your hair everyday, but tryout this little trick: apply conditioner to the lower third of your hair (if you have greasy hair, do not use any conditioner on the roots of your hair, as it only makes your hair heavier). Pour shampoo on the roots of your hair without first having rinsed out the conditioner and allow it to foam. Then rinse thoroughly. The roots of your hair will not be limp and will appear rejuvenated, while the rest of your hair still retains a beautiful shine.

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Here's how to conceal dirty hair.

This will help you get the most out of your brushing. There are numerous ways to make sure your hair appears fresh 3 to 6 days after shampooing. Dirtier hair – sob – is much easier to style. Here are four ways that help you put off washing that somewhat unclean hair.

1. Dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is the ideal partner in crime for women with a busy life-style. It gives volume and conceals the roots of the hair that are in serious need of washing and a little extra color. For women with dark hair, it is best to choose a colored formula to prevent the roots appearing lighter than the rest of the hair. Do not forget to thoroughly comb the product through your hair before you start styling your hair.
2. Conceal it with a braid. Minibraids are a very good way to mask greasy roots or hairline curls. Because you can determine how tight they should be (the more curls, the tighter or firmer the braid must be), they can give your hair a well-cared for look while at the same time the locks in the background hang free, providing a hippie chic effect.
3. A touch of Jersey Shore. A small pouf at the front provides volume to limp hair locks and conceals how unclean your hair might be. Use hair clips to fix the pouf firmly in place in an X-form on the crown of your head. Pretend it is the eve of the chignon; it is somewhat less dramatic than an evening hair style but it gives volume and is a sensuous look.
4. Try a high bun. This provides an elegant look when combined with a somewhat formal outfit and daring eye make-up or striking lips. It appears simple but it can also be tricky. The lack of effort applied to your hair has to be compensated for somewhere else. If you do not feel up to providing the extra effort through make-up or clothing (thanks to the cocktails the night before), it is probably better to choose one of the other looks.

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