Unmask Your Shine With These 4 Fantastic DIY Hair Masks.

4 Homemade Hair Masks To Get Shiny Hair

Mother Nature has created an outer layer of natural oil over your hair to protect it from harm. However, when this layer is damaged, your hair loses its shine.

Everything from nutritional deficiencies and over exposure to the sun to illnesses and excessive stress can damage your hair and dull its shine. Well, now that you know the bad news, here’s the good news; you can get your hair back to its original lustrous self very easilyand completely naturally too. Which is why, we’re sharing these home remedies for shiny hair with you since you’ve always wanted to know.

Here are 4 hair masks you can actually make all by yourself.

1. Egg Mask

Eggs are a rich source of protein, lecithin and fatty acids, all of which really help repair damaged hair.

- Add one tablespoon of olive oil and honey each in one egg white and whisk until it turns into a smooth paste.
- Apply it on your hair and scalp and let it sit for about 30 minutes.
- Wash it off using a nice, mild shampoo and ONLY cool water. DO NOT EVER rinse your hair with hot water as it tends to clot the egg, making it nearly impossible to remove.

Frequency: Once a week should do the trick.

2. Beer Mask

Beer isn’t just great for a parched throat, it is nectar for your hair too. That’s because it contains proteins that are known to repair hair cuticles and nourish follicles.

- First wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
- Apply flat beer (this is important) on your hair using the bottom to top technique.
- For your scalp, massage the beer into it using only circular finger and hand movements.
- Leave it on for five minutes and then wash it off.

Frequency: Do it once every two weeks for best results.


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3. Coconut Oil Mask

Coconut oil, preferably organic and unrefined, is a great hair mask for dry hair.

- Heat some coconut oil.
- Apply it on your hair, from bottom to top, while it’s warm.
- Massage your scalp using circular motions.
- Towel-wrap your hair for 30 minutes.
- Rinse your hair with water before shampooing and conditioning it.

Frequency: Twice a week should alleviate your hair scares.

4. Mayonnaise Mask

Rich in proteins, amino acids and antioxidants, mayo will really strengthen your hair.

- Take half a cup of mayonnaise
- Wash your hair first
- Apply mayo to your hair
- Cover your hair with a shower cap for 30 minutes.
- Using cold water and a nice, mild shampoo, rinse it off thoroughly.

Frequency: Once a week should really hydrate your hair.

Use these 4 tips for shiny hair and people will soon be able to see their reflection in your hair. These tips are amazing to get shiny hair, however, if you are looking to increase your hair growth as well as the shine, then you should also apply onion juice on hair!

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